Portia De Rossi: Top Docs Believe She’s Had Plastic Surgery

After fans lashed out about Portia's alleged plastic surgery, as evidenced in the new episodes of 'Arrested Development,' we contacted top doctors around the country to see if they believe she had work done. Read their expert comments below. Portia de Rossi looked so different as she reprised her role as Lindsay Bluth-Fünke on the new season of Arrested Development, which started streaming on Netflix on May 26. Read expert opinions from top docs below on if she really had plastic surgery.

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Portia De Rossi Plastic Surgery
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Portia De Rossi’s Plastic Surgery — Her New ‘Arrested Development’ Face

Dr. Edward P. Miranda, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who practices in San Francisco, Calif. tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY:

“It appears that Portia underwent nasal tip reconstruction. Her nose used to point downward, and you can clearly see it is now upturned. She also may have had blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) to make her eyes appear wider. Lastly, she definitely appears to have Botox injections (judging by her perfectly smooth forehead) and filler injections to the border of her upper lip.”

Dr. Theodore Diktaban, one of New York City’s top double Board-certified Plastic Surgeons & Otolaryngologists, reveals to us EXCLUSIVELY:

“The most obvious thing for sure, is that she had her nose done. There’s no doubt about it. The position of the tip has definitely changed. There is a possibility she had some facial fillers for more fullness. It’s hard to tell if she had Botox because I’m looking at a still picture. She also may have had something done to her lower eyelids.”

Dr. Paul Carniol, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in New Jersey, tells us EXCLUSIVELY:

“Portia appears to have had procedures between the photos. Starting from the top down, she appears to have had a coronal brow lift with elevation of her hairline, tightening of her forehead, and elevation of her brows. She looks to have had lower eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) — a greater showing of the lower portion of her eyes makes them appear rounder and less almond shaped. Also, it looks like she’s had subtle nasal surgery with a narrowing of her nose (rhinoplasty). In her cheekbone region, probably a combination of cheek implants and fillers, and a small amount of filler in her lips.”

Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel, a Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon in Boston, Mass. agrees she looks quite different.

“I’m a big fan of Arrested Development and was certainly surprised to see how different Ms. De Rossi looked in the newest episodes. Most significantly, she’s had her nose operated on. Her nose used to distinctively point downwards, but now has a perky upturned tip.  Also, her hairline appears somewhat higher suggesting a brow lift. Her forehead was overly smooth and immobile suggesting poorly done Botox, for a while there were no wrinkles — a better injection technique could have left her with some normal motion. Also, she’s certainly had an injection into her upper lip, which is fuller, and into her cheeks. Finally, eyelid surgery is quite likely since she has a different shape to the lower eyelid now.

Upkeep is necessary for the Botox and fillers. Her nose is likely to stay this way, but she’ll require Botox to her forehead and fillers to her lips and cheeks to maintain the current appearance.”

Fans React To Portia DeRossi On ‘Arrested Development’

When the episodes became available to stream on Netflix, fans took to Twitter to react:

@acidhousekings wrote: “Maybe the new actress can have plastic surgery so she looks more like Portia de Rossi? Oh, it is Portia de Rossi. #ArrestedDevelopment”

@mmanhs said: “Portia De Rossi got a whole ton of plastic surgery. Such a shame.”

@kazoshay tweeted: “the most disappointing thing about the new arrested development is that they haven’t worked portia de rossi’s plastic surgery into the jokes”

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