90210 Recap: Annie’s ‘Author X’ Reveal Wreaks Havoc On Her Family

Annie's decision to kiss and tell — OK, more like 'have sex for money and tell' — bred serious consequences for her brother. But which one? The April 22 episode of 90210 picked up right where last week's left off, with Annie's (Shenae Grimes) former sugar daddy Patrick hand-delivering a package of judgment right to her front door. What transpired was the typical warm-and-fuzzy exchange you might expect between a former escort and her one-time John: 'If you go public with our story, I'll kill your brother.' (OK, there's a slight chance I paraphrased Patrick on that one, but it was pretty close.)

90210 Recap
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Dixon’s (Tristan Wilds) safety be damned, Little Escort Annie hopped a plane to New York City — with Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord), Silver (Jessica Stroup) and Mark in tow, of course — to reveal herself on national TV. But unbeknownst to Annie, her brother paid Patrick a little house call and told him to take his best shot. Honestly, I forgot that Dixon’s kind of a bad ass; he did survive being hit head-on by a flat-bed truck, after all.

Annie’s very own Mr. Big confronted her in the lobby of her hotel the next day — seriously, where does this guy live and how is he everywhere?! — to let her know her troubles have only just begun. And he was right, as the episode ended with the fuzz arriving at Mark’s restaurant to arrest him… for drug possession!

Jordan’s Mom Vs. Naomi Vs. Herself

Naomi’s trip to the Big Apple doubled as an opportunity to impress Jordan’s mom, but like literally every single one of Naomi’s schemes over the past five seasons, this one fell flat immediately. Though Mark impressed her by raising $20,000 at the charity auction — he basically promised to be a cooking escort, which I’m sure Annie appreciated — she was not impressed by Naomi’s criminal record. Oh, wait, make that records.

In the end, Naomi delivered a big ‘I’m good enough the way I am’ speech and stormed out of the auction. And while Jordan’s mom didn’t exactly run after her, Jordan sure did.

Adrianna & Navid Face Their Future — And Their Past

Back in Beverly Hills, Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes) and Navid (Michael Steger Jr.) found themselves doing the walk of shame down memory lane, following last week’s one-night stand.

In an attempt to shake off her man troubles, Ade helped Michaela pound out a new jam — but things went south when Michaela revealed she’s still crushing on Navid, herself.

Though the couple decided it’s ultimately best for them to leave their relationship in the past, something tells me Crazy-Pants Adrianna won’t rest until she gets her claws back in him. (And by “something tells me,” I mean I saw them doing it again in the previews.)

Liam Will Literally Never Learn Ever

While all of the above was going on, business-savvy Liam (Matt Lanter) went to great lengths to secure a teen surfer named Cassie as the new face of his and Navid’s company — and managed to be a total hypocrite in the process. In order to get Cassie on board, pun intended, Liam kissed her in front of her ex-boyfriend to make him jealous. So, basically, he allowed Cassie to use him mere days after complaining that he’s tired of being used by all the women in his life.

Oh, Liam, you’re so lucky you’re pretty.

HollywoodLifers, what did you think of this week’s developments? Is Patrick really done getting revenge on Annie? Are you glad Navid and Adrianna are hooking up again? Drop a comment with your predictions for the final three episodes! Ever!

— Andy Swift

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