90210 Recap: Annie Is Finally Exposed As ‘Author X’

Annie's worst nightmare comes true, as she's literally unmasked as the author of 'Undressed!' But how did Liam react? 90210 returned April 15 with the first of its final five episodes (ever!) and it proved to be a rough night for our girl Annie (Shenae Grimes). Because she refused to come out as "Author X," Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord) threw a special masquerade ball for her book launch — but before the night was over, Annie was forced to rip off her proverbial mask, revealing herself to be the little smut peddler we've all known her to be.

90210 Season 5 Episode 18
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But prior Annie’s official outing, Naomi assumed Jordan’s (Robbie Jones) friend Elizabeth (Keke Palmer) was the undercover writer, going as far as to call her a “whore.” So you can imagine how awkward things got when Naomi realized that, not only is Elizabeth not “Author X,” but she’s actually Jordan’s sister!

Damage control needed. So much damage control.

And Naomi’s not the only one who figured out Annie’s secret. In a very uncharacteristic moment of intelligence, Liam (Matt Lanter) connected the dots and realized that “Leo” was actually him! And as if that wasn’t bad enough, a pissed-off Patrick showed up at Annie’s door, with a copy of Undressed in hand.

Like I said… so much damage control needed!

Dixon Falls In Love With Silver(‘s Uterus)

Since he’s got nothing else going on at the moment, Dixon (Tristan Wilds) was tasked with babysitting Michaela (Lyndon Smith), but it wasn’t long before business turned into pleasure. Over a romantic dinner of hot dogs and heartburn, Dixon confessed his love — and got totally shot down. It turns out Michaela only has eyes for that sweet Iranian prince Navid (Michael Steger Jr.).

Adrianna & Silver: Best Frenemies Forever

But while Dixon and Michaela’s spark was just starting to get fired up, Silver (Jessica Stroup) spent the hour extinguishing her flame with Mark (Charlie Weber). She didn’t feel comfortable — or safe, obviously — betraying Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes), so decided it’d be best if they kept their distance.

This didn’t sit too well with Mark, so he took matters into his own shirtless hands, forcing Adrianna to confront her “friend” about what’s really bugging her. But his little plan backfired, as Ade told Silver she can’t be her friend anymore.

The cherry on top of his hot-mess sundae, though, was Adrianna’s hasty decision to hook up with Navid out of spite. Like that will go over well…

Navid Is Screwed… And Not The Good Kind

On the non-romantic front, Liam moved forward with ‘Operation: Take Down Chronus,’ devising a plan so brilliant that Navid admitted he wanted to kiss him! (Oh, wait, did I say non-romantic? Scratch that.)

But Liam’s plan hit a wall when he learned that he may never get the proof he needs. In a nutshell, if Sydney helps Liam expose Campbell (Grant Gustin), then Campbell’s father will divorce her, preventing her from stealing Campbell’s inheritance — which was really her plan all along!

That’s right, kids, Liam is being used… again. I guess it’s true what they say: Being pretty is hard.

— Andy Swift

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