Chris Brown Taking Care Of Rihanna’s Car To Prove His Loyalty

While Rihanna is on vacation in Ireland, Chris has been seen hanging out with his ex Karrueche Tran, even though they recently broke up! So in an attempt to prove his loyalty and dedication to his girlfriend Rihanna, he is looking after her car and doing chores for her. Chris Brown is trying to be the best boyfriend in the world, now that he and longtime love Rihanna are officially back together. Chris dumped Karrueche Tran in order to "be serious" with Rihanna, but then days later he spent a day in Long Beach with Karrueche. So scandalous! We have all the EXCLUSIVE details about how Chris ended his relationship with Karrueche, and how he is becoming domestic in order to win Rihanna's heart.

Chris Brown Rihanna Car
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Chris Tells Karrueche It’s Over

As previously reported by, Chris dumped Karrueche for Rihanna, and our source exclusively confirmed to us that Chris told Karrueche it’s over for good on Jan 6.

Chris “told Karrueche it’s done and he can’t kick it with her anymore,” says the source. “It’s done, no more. He doesn’t want sh*t to do with her. I mean, he likes her and all but if he’s trying to be serious with Rihanna, he knows it’s got to be over.”

“He basically told her that he’s cool on her ass right now, that he’s trying to focus on Rihanna and he needs his space,” continued the source. “Chris and KT are always going to have that special connection, but Rihanna’s got him right now and he’s into her. He’s always been into her — it’s just now he’s making her number one, Ri is number one right now.”

It’s good that Chris has finally made a decision about which woman he wants to be with, and Chris has realized that the way to Rihanna’s heart may be through doing household chores!

Chris’s Plan To Win Rihanna’s Heart

Rihanna and Chris may both have millions of dollars, but Chris is not above cleaning and doing chores, as he is looking after all of Rihanna’s things while she is away. Rihanna went to Ireland on Jan. 4, and Chris spent the weekend looking after her home.

“He took care of everything for her today and he’s been taking care of her sh*t since 7 this morning,” says the source. “He picked up her car, drove it to his house while his friend drove him there and followed him back in his car just so he could have her sh*t detailed and clean for when she gets back. He’s doing little sh*t like that to put her up on the fact that he loves her and wants to be there. He know Ri doesn’t care about all that extra sh*t — he knows that it’s that small sh*t that makes her crazy. That small stuff that she wouldn’t expect — that’s how he’s feeling with her right now.”

“Him doing sh*t like washing her car, turning on the lights at her house, setting the alarm and checking on her crib and sh*t like that. Like, Ri can hire people for all that sh*t but he wants to do it for her. He’s in it 100% right now.”

How sweet! Chris may not be the best boyfriend in the world, but at least he’s trying. We just hope Rihanna isn’t angry that he took Karreuche to a trade show on Jan. 6!

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Do YOU think Chris is a good boyfriend?

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— Written by Eleanore Hutch

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