'One Tree Hill' Recap: Brooke Struggles To Forgive Julian

Plus, Nathan disappears! Is anyone ever happy in Tree Hill? The opening scene on the Feb. 1 episode of One Tree Hill brought me close to tears, as Brooke (Sophia Bush) walked right past Julian (Austin Nichols) in the hospital after getting the news about Davis. Julian couldn't forgive himself for leaving Davis in the car, and Brooke struggled to trust him with the twins -- like, she literally had them strapped to her for the entire episode. Trying to help, Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) shared her own "worst parent ever" story and tried to convince Brooke to put herself in Julian's shoes.

Speaking of Haley, Dan (Paul Johansson) is still hanging around the Scott home, and agreed to leave as soon as Nathan (James Lafferty) returned from his trip. There’s only one problem — um, where is Nathan?

In other news, I was brought to actual tears when Clay (Robert Buckley) told Quinn (Shantel VanSanten) that he didn’t want her around after she confronted his drug dealer and they almost got shot — again! OK, I’m not wishing bad things on the other residents of Tree Hill, but can the gun please be pointed at someone else for a change?! Clay revealed he couldn’t remember, well, anything and he agreed to get some help. Personally, I think Dan’s attempt to drown him in the ocean persuaded him a little.

Also suffering from memory loss, Chase (Stephen Colletti) apparently had a rendezvous but couldn’t recall any of the details the next morning. He especially didn’t know that “Not Alex” was Chris Keller’s (Tyler Hilton) lady, Tara (Chelsea Kane) Also, Mouth (Lee Norris) has finally come to terms with the fact that he’s fat (Skills and Millie’s word, not mine). He started resisting the good food and turned to healthier choices — like a side salad with no dressing. (Yum!)

This episode found our characters in a battle to see who has the worst luck: Julian left his kid in the car, Chase slept with Chris Keller’s woman, Clay went borderline crazy and remembered nothing, and Mouth has now been called fat by his best friend and his girlfriend. My opinion of who has the worst life at the moment? The collective Scott family is the clear winner. (Seriously, where’s Nathan? Did he miss his plane? Why’s the cute pink hippo laying in the street?!)

This season has sent me on an emotional roller coaster so far — and the ride is clearly not over.

— Jaymie Bailey

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