Jennifer Aniston Falls For Bradley Cooper, AGAIN! Will He Hurt Her?

Too serious too soon? From flirty texts to talks of the future and calling him, "the one," should Jen slow down? Her friends seem to think so! When will Jennifer Aniston learn? Not only does she have an affinity for falling for the wrong guy, but it seems like she just can't get over her former flames. Reports claim Jen, 42, has rekindled a relationship with ex Bradley Cooper, and she's determined to make it work! "Jen really has the hots for Bradley -- she's throwing herself into this relationship," a source told In Touch.

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Jen thinks he could be, “the one,” although the pair have only been talking for a few weeks. “Jen sees a future with him,” the source said. Jen’s friends are thrilled to see the star happy — but they’re also very worried that she’s falling for Bradley too quickly! Although the pair briefly dated in 2009, Bradley dumped Jen and started a long term relationship with Renee Zellweger. Even though the two have called it quits, Jen better watch out — this has rebound written all over it! So, how did the duo reunite so quickly?

“Here is the thing with Jen: She has this pattern of texting and emailing with guys for months, and by the time they see each other again, they’re serious,” her friend shared with the mag. Jen spent Easter weekend with friends in New Mexico, where the star spent a majority of the time texting and e-mailing Bradley like crazy! Bradley, who was in Jen’s go-to vacation spot, Cabo San Lucas, was having a boy’s bachelor party weekend along with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Jen better watch out! Although a friend said the star “doesn’t want to be single forever,” Bradley, who just ended a long-term relationship, is “more focused on his career than getting married,” a friend revealed — and he’s a notorious fame-seeker! “He’s a gym-rat and a workaholic — not a homebody like Jen.”

Jen definitely has a history for falling for bad boys, which is ironic considering all Jen wants to do is settle down, get married, and have a baby. “She is happy right now — she’s making great money and has great friends. But deep down, she wants to have a man,” a friend said. “She has always said that she wants to have a baby one day.”

So, aside from his good looks, why is Jen falling for Bradley so hard? “She says he has a great heart as well as being good-looking — a great combo. She’s ready to date him seriously and always has been.” A source close to Jen added, “Jen wants all her friends to like Bradley. She really wants it to work with him this time.”

We understand if Jen desperately wants to settle down — but we hope she proceeds with caution and doesn’t set herself up for more heartbreak! Do you think their relationship could work the second time around?

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