'Mob Wives' Star Drita D'avanzo Takes 9-Year-Old To See Daddy In Prison! Too Young?

Should Drita be bringing her little girl behind bars to see her mobster father? Mob Wives star Drita D'avanzo wants her oldest daughter Aleeya, 9, to have a good relationship with her daddy, Lee D'avanzo. The only thing is that Lee is locked up -- again! But Drita won't be deterred and she takes Aleeya to visit her father in federal prison!

“The daughter visits Lee in jail — the other daughter [Gizelle] is only 3 so she doesn’t,” a source close to the family tells HollyBaby.com exclusively. “But they have a great relationship.”

Drita gave birth to Aleeya while Lee was away in prison the first time — he’s been locked up both times on bank-robbery convictions.

The first time Lee went away, Drita told Aleeya that her daddy was off working. But poor Aleeya still had to deal with her classmates teasing her that she didn’t have a daddy.

When Lee returned home, “her daughter had a really hard time adapting,” says the source. “When he first came home, Aleeya told all her friends, ‘See, I told you I had a dad.'”

But the second time Lee went away, Drita decided to tell Aleeya the truth. “The second time around she decided to tell her where her dad was so she didn’t think he up and left for no reason,” explains the friend.

With all that’s happened, Drita still stands by Lee’s side. “Drita and Lee are still very much married,” says the source. “She has her second thoughts every now and then, like anyone would after 12 years of marriage. But she is standing strong.”

Sadly it will be a long time before the whole family can reunite outside of prison. Lee “has another 2 to 4 years left,” says the source.

HollyMoms — do you think Drita should be taking her daughter to visit daddy in prison?

– Lindsey DiMattina, reporting by Jessica Finn

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