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Was Anne Hathaway Upset At Looking Bad In Front Of Her New Director At The Oscars?

Wed, March 2, 2011 7:39pm EDT by 8 Comments
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Did Anne’s less-than-stellar Oscar performance humiliate her in front of her Batman costar, Christian Bale, and director, Christopher Nolan? Sources tell how Anne felt post-Oscars!

In her most anticipated role to date, Anne Hathaway is set to slip on the Catwoman suit in Dark Knight Rises. But now, she may have gotten off on the wrong foot with costar Christian Bale, who won his own Academy Award on Sunday, and director Christopher Nolan after they saw her Oscar debacle live from their seats in the Kodak Theater. Sources tell us what Anne thought of her performance, her frustrations with James Franco.

A source close to Anne tell us that “it didn’t even cross her mind” that Christian and Christopher were in the audience as she was focused on entertaining the entire crowd and the millions watching at home with her cohost, James Franco.

Even after James and Anne were panned by critics and reports surfaced of the pair’s hatred for each other, an insider claims that Anne doesn’t hold too much resentment towards James.

“They both have egos, but to say they hate each other might be a bit of a stretch,” a source close to the actress tells us. “Anne is aware that not everything may have worked out.”

So is she not even a little mad at James? “She is frustrated that she tried and he brought her effort down and ruined what could have been a success,” confesses our insider.

While we expect that the pair will not be making a return as award show hosts, Anne is still a Hollywood starlet and has a big chance to prove herself with the Dark Night Rises.

Christopher feels that Anne’s Oscar performance has nothing to do with her ability to play Catwoman. “Christopher picks people that he feels is right for the part, and Anne is right for the part,” a source explains. “There is in no way that her performance at the Oscars changed that.”

Filming of  Dark Knight Rises is set to begin in May. Do you think Anne will make a good Catwoman even after her Oscar performance fail?

Stephanie Wenger, with reporting by Russ Weakland

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