Terrified Dianna Agron Goes Into Hiding After Ex Alex Pettyfer Threatens Her Says New Report!

After a public meltdown in which Alex confronted actor Sebastian Stan, the beautiful blonde is living in a hotel, frightened of what he'll do next! Poor Dianna Agron! The Glee star is said to be scared to death of her ex, I Am Number Four co-star, Alex Pettyfer. "Dianna is terrified of [Alex]," a friend tells Us magazine. Alex "absolutely lost it" and threatened her over the phone!

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Dianna, 24, reportedly moved out of the home she and Alex shared in LA and into a hotel under an alias, so she can keep her location a secret from him.

Alex, 20, has acted like “a psycho loose cannon” since they broke up, an insider tells Us.

According to an onlooker, Alex picked a fight with Black Swan star, Sebastian Stan, on Feb. 18 and accused him of hooking up with Dianna. As a result, he was thrown out of the West Hollywood private members club. But that’s just the beginning of a long list of red flags the actor has displayed over the past year!

“Alex made Dianna fire her entire management team for no apparent reason,” add the source. “Dianna was completely Stepford around him. You say anything he doesn’t agree to and he goes ballistic. The town is talking. Alex’s reputation is going to destroy his career.

The estranged couple’s possible “secret engagement” reportedly shocked all of Dianna’s Glee cast members!

“When the engagement hit news blogs, everyone at Glee was surprised,” the source says. “Dianna used to be really sweet, but she started dating Alex and now she has become such a diva. He’s much younger than her but he calls all of the shots.”

Wow! Sounds like Dianna might have a very dangerous ex on her hands!

“Dianna was under his spell,” says a source. “She was a doormat, she could end up with him again.”

Sources close to Dianna tell HollywoodLife.com that these accusations are false.

– Lindsey DiMattina

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