Katy Perry’s ‘Firework’ Eyes at the GRAMMY Awards! Crazily Cute or Too Kooky? Tell us and VOTE!

Katy Perry wowed at last night's GRAMMY Awards with glittery eyes and bubblegum lips! As always, she finds a way to pull off the craziest beauty look of the night! At last night's 53rd Annual GRAMMY Awards, the stars really hit the right note when it came to beauty looks! And leave it to Katy Perry had one of the wildest looks of the night! She really went all-out with glittery eyes,  but she managed to pull it all together into an adorable package. We wouldn't ordinarily be a fan of such a wild look, but Katy manages to make it look sweet and sexy at the same time!

Katy’s face was all about the eyes — the sparkles made it hard to look at anything else (even her famous cleavage!). She lined each eye with black liner, then added an additional line of glittery green shadow under eyes for a double-liner effect. She used a purple glitter shadow on the lids, and wore long faux lashes. Her cheeks were lightly dusted with a bright pink blush, and her lips were painted bubblegum pink. (Maybe this was a nod to her penchant for gumballs?)

Katy’s hair was a long way from her blue wig days– she kept it really simple with sleek long waves. We think her hair looked spectacular– elegant and a nice contrast to the sparkly makeup. Since she didn’t go for dramatic hair this time, she let her wild makeup really take center stage.

What did YOU think of Katy’s wild GRAMMY look? Let us know below!

–Allie Jordan

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