EXCLUSIVE! 'Glee' Member Harry Shum Jr. Dismisses Lea Michele Diva Rumors — 'Don't Believe What You Read'!

Harry is leaping to Lea’s defense in the wake of co-star Amber Riley’s recent criticisms — and there may be drama between two other Glee stars. Find out who!

Reports of bad behavior have been swirling about Glee star Lea Michele pretty much since the series started last year. However, in the wake of fellow castmate Amber Riley‘s complaint that she’s “always ordering everyone around”, another co-star, Harry Shum Jr., is swearing up and down that she’s NOT a diva!

“You know, it’s all rumors. You see these magazines and they literally fabricate stuff out of nothing,” the 28-year-old dancer told HollywoodLife.com exclusively at the Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock event in Los Angeles Sept. 27. “We sit there and laugh at it, we crack jokes about it. You can’t really believe all that you read.”

But surely the rumors don’t come out of NOWHERE? Amber, 24, wasn’t provoked to say, “She’s always ordering everyone around, demanding a particular outfit or a particular food at the snack table,” without reason — right?

“We have a group of people that is drama fee,” Harry insisted. “When we hear about these things, we just laugh it off. It’s all love!”

But who may not be Mclovin’ each other? We spied Cory Monteith hanging by himself solo at the event, texting up a storm, while Mark Salling, Harry and Ryan Cabrera all palled around separately in a corner. In fact, Mark, 28, brushed right past Cory, also 28, without saying a word!

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