Don’t Let The Thanksgiving Sides Get Cold With This Warming Tray That’s On Sale For 17%Off

Your family is in for a Thanksgiving meal to remember! Keep all those delicious side dishes piping hot this holiday with this warming tray that have 223 top ratings.

Warming Tray
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Thanksgiving: the one and only unique American holiday that unabashedly focuses on one thing – food! Whether you come from a large family with generations of traditional recipes, or your Thanksgiving is more of a “Friendsgiving” that you share safely with friends in your ‘quarantine pod’, having a memorable meal is still an absolute must for this U.S.A holiday. However, one of the key challenges when cooking any holiday feast is keeping those our slaved-over dishes hot and NOT cold, in the blink of an eye, once you start to serve and then finally sit down to enjoy the banquet. Luckily, we’ve found a solution to keeping your mashed potatoes, green bean casserole or whatever else you’re serving up on the side piping hot this Thanksgiving. This NutriChef warming tray  has been designed to be the saving grace for all of your holiday meals – starting with Turkey Day!

Get the NutriChef Portable Hot Plate Warming Tray here for just $70

Nutrichef Hot Plate


We hear you loud and clear – food preparation for Thanksgiving can be utterly stressful, chaotic and sometimes even disappointing. You spend hours peeling and mashing potatoes and stirring various sauces and gravies on the stove so that your family, friends and loved ones can come over to enjoy the culinary masterpiece you’ve created. But, when all is said and done, how many times have we sat down to enjoy the iconic Thanksgiving side dishes only to find them turned lukewarm or cold suddenly? The disappointment! Wish you had a miraculous way to keep your dishes hot? We got you! The Nutrichef hot plate manages to keep food nice and warm after transferring it to your serving area. This portable electric hot plate can heat your side dishes up and keep them at 203 degrees F., no matter what you are serving.

For just $70, this hot plate serves (pun intended) as the ultimate holiday feast side-kick. Starting with operating this hot plate, it really could not be easier. All you need to do is simply power the warming tray on, and watch for the light indicator to turn on letting you know that the tray is starting to warm up. Just as you do for a standard oven, preheat the tray for at least 5 minutes before placing any pans or trays on top. Once the temperature indicator reads around 95℃, then the hot plate will be ready to use. By the way, it’s suitable for not only casserole dishes or bowls, but also baking sheets and trays so there are no limitations. From stuffing, to mashed potatoes, to warm apple pie – basically anything you’re planning on making this Thanksgiving will stay nice and hot for everyone to dig into and enjoy!

Now, let’s switch gears for a second. Maybe you’re not the one hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, but instead you’ve offered to bring your “famous” sweet potato casserole as your contributing side dish to your sister’s house. Need to make sure your culinary creation stays nice and hot at meal time, even if you’re transporting it? Fear not! The Nutrichef hot plate is completely portable, making it super convenient. This electric warming tray is easy to transport in any car, bus or train thanks to its comfortable cool touch carry handles. You will be super popular bringing your Thanksgiving -to-go dinner dishes with their own own hot plate, so they can quickly and seamlessly heated upon your arrival. Plus, the design makes it perfect to be used on any table or counter top for serving. With its’ easy portability, you’ll be bringing around this hot plate to every party you’ll be invited to, once we’re back to normal life, confident that your dishes will be nice and hot.

Nutrichef Hot Plate

If you’re wondering what the cleaning process might be like for such an impressively useful cooking accessory, don’t even worry. The Nutrichef hot plate is made of completely non-stick tempered glass, allowing cleaning it to be hassle-free. Effortlessly, wipe away grease, burnt on cheese or whatever remnants of your dish thanks to the non-stick material. As far as appearance goes, the warming tray features a sleek, stainless steel construction, avoiding any ugly food stains or burn marks. It has a thin, sleek, space-saving design, so it’ll both blend well into any kitchen aesthetic and fit easily into a kitchen cupboard. The little non-grip feet on the bottom of the tray allow for no slipping and sliding whenever it is being used to serve, eliminating any foreseeable accidents involving your home-cooked meal being dropped on the floor! The tray measures 19.8” L x 11.9” W, so while it’s a good size for serving food, it isn’t doesn’t take over too much of your counter top. Best of all, the warming tray is completely energy efficient. The tray’s 240 watt heater uses low power consumption when it is being used, allowing for both an efficient and high powered heating element. This makes it safe to be used with just about any heat-resistant container you have. 

Be the star of your Thanksgiving  feast this holiday season with this groundbreaking Nutrichef warming tray. Say goodbye to the letdown of slaving over mashed potatoes, casseroles and all the festive fixin’s when they rapidly turn cold, just when it’s time to eat. Instead, impress everyone at the dinner table with your piping hot side dish presentation. Thanks to this epic portable, sleek hot plate, every family holiday gathering will be that much more enjoyable (and stress free) knowing that your cooking efforts were worth it. Keep those traditional meals nice and hot this Thanksgiving with this warming tray, and you’ll wonder how you ever prepared for a holiday meal without this culinary life-saver!

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