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Give The Gift Of Relaxation With Cyber Monday Deals Up To 60% Off On Self-Care Essentials

If you're on the hunt for the perfect holiday gifts, these Cyber Monday deals might be worth adding to your list.

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The holiday season is a bustling time of year. There’s so much to do and so little time to do it. You, me — we could all use a little extra pampering. So why not give your loved ones something to help them mellow out and unwind during this busy time of year?

Giving the gift of relaxation this Christmas is a thoughtful way to show your family and friends that you care about their well-being. It’s a gift that will keep on giving long after the holidays.

Jump on Amazon’s massive early-bird sale on top-selling wellness must-haves. From spa bathroom essentials to aromatherapy blends, there’s something for everyone on your list (including yourself). So, get a head start on your holiday shopping and save up to 60% off with these Cyber Monday deals:

Ballsy hygiene gift set for men

Enjoy some Christmas fun with your SO and pamper him with something he will enjoy and chuckle at. This gift set bundles all the essentials your man might need to put an end to the stink down there. It comes with a wash, a spray, and a balm–all of which are pH-balanced, paraben and sulfate-free. 

This gift set won’t only leave your partner smelling fresh, but also nourished and comfortable in that important area. Some shoppers, like this one, initially grabbed the pack as a gag gift, but guess what? It ended up being a nice surprise for the recipient: 

“I got my boyfriend this for Christmas and it was so funny. he loved it. He’s a chef so he gets sweaty at work and he said it works well so 5/5.” 

Get this thoughtful, yet hilarious present for 50% off on Cyber Monday. 

A foot massaging machine

If you have an outdoor enthusiast in your life, you know they’re always out and about. Instead of giving them a gift card to their favorite spa after their hike, why not give them a present they can use every after adventure, like this foot and leg massager?

It features a deep kneading Shiatsu massage that can help rid aching muscles and improve blood flow. To ensure it fits the recipient’s calves, ankles, and feet well, an adjustable base will hug these areas just right. There are three intensity levels and five massage modes available on this massager, so your friend or family member can choose from a calming to a therapeutic massage. Aside from the 40% Cyber Monday discount, you can save an additional 10% with the coupon.

VYBE massage gun with extra attachments

We’ve established that massage tools are excellent gifts that can bring enjoyment to the receiver for a long time. So let’s stick to the trend and talk about a good massage gun you can give someone special. From desk-bound workers to keep-fit-fanatics, this massage gun can alleviate chronic pain and remove unwanted knots with its percussive deep tissue technique.

Users can switch between five vibration levels and four massage heads, depending on what works for them at the moment. Best of all, it’s light and portable so your loved one can bring this cool and sleek gadget with them wherever they need to — at the gym or at work. 

Save 33% off this useful massager when you apply the extra coupon only on Cyber Monday. 

Pack of lavender-scented shower steamer

Nothing beats a steamy shower during the cold holiday months. Send these shower steamers to wash away your recipients’ all-day stress and fatigue. Made with essential oils and other natural ingredients, they can help to improve their mood, ease congestion, and even fight off cold symptoms.

The tabs release a calming and soothing aroma when they dissolve in the bathtub or on the floor. Each 15-pack is available in lavender, eucalyptus, citrus, tea tree, jasmine, peppermint, or a mix of all scents. Make your loved ones’ bedtime relaxation and restful night’s sleep a reality with this gift. Get it today while it’s 40% off. 

Essential oil diffuser with bottles of essential oils

If you’re looking for a holiday present that will last longer than just a few weeks, a diffuser set is an excellent choice. This practical gift enhances air quality while adding a decorative touch to any room. It can also be used as a night light with 15 different ambient light modes.

Your loved ones can use their favorite scents to fill their homes. Each set contains 10 natural pure plant-grade organic oils, each with specific benefits listed on the bottle. The diffuser set is almost 70% off on Cyber Monday.

Heated eye massager mask

We’ve all been there — lying awake at night with a throbbing headache, trying to massage the pain away; or staring at a computer screen all day, eyes strained and dry. Gift others and yourself a break with this heated eye massager 60% off only today!

This rechargeable device relieves tension headaches, eye strain, and dry eyes by stimulating blood flow and reducing inflammation. With its built-in heating pads, you can help your recipients be refreshed after long-day work or study. Take your holiday shopping to new heights and save almost $80 when you buy this eye massager. 

Rose quartz jade roller and gua sha set

There’s more to relaxation than just sitting back and inhaling scented oils. Add this jade roller and gua sha set to your shopping cart to round out your self-care gifts. Not only are these rose quartz tools aesthetically pleasing, but they also help skin look revitalized and toned.

This powerful face-and-eye roller gives the skin a refreshing and revitalizing boost, while the gua sha helps lift it up, improve fine lines, and shape the jawline. Users can also put the tools in the fridge to reduce morning puffiness. Get it on Cyber Monday for 48% off the original price of $25.

Set of lavender-scented candles

Gifting organic soy-wax candles to your loved ones is the perfect way to show you care about their peace and quiet. Treat them to a restful, therapeutic getaway with this marshmallow and lavender candle set.

Made with 100% natural soy wax and lead-free cotton wick, these candles don’t contain any toxic chemicals or artificial fragrances. This calming gem can help with insomnia, meditation, aromatherapy, and other health issues. A set costs $17 and has a burn time of 100 to 120 hours but you can get it for 10% off on Cyber Monday.

Self-care gifts for every budget

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and what better way to spread cheer than thoughtful gifts and wonderful deals? Find the best presents for everyone on your list from this Amazon self-care collection, and save up to 60% while you’re at it. Shop before the Cyber Monday sale ends!