Pop Up Gazebos Are Selling Out Fast, But You Can Grab This One For Less Than $175 & Entertain Outside In Winter

Don't let winters drive your small gatherings indoors. We've found an amazing pop-up gazebo for outdoor entertaining that can fit up to 15 adults!

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Ever fantasize about gathering your loved ones to eat snickerdoodles, sip on eggnog and listen to some Michael Bublé underneath a light snowfall? Or perhaps your tropical getaway has been canceled in the wake of the pandemic, but you still want to pretend you’re in a cabana somewhere down South. In reality, you’d be getting snowflakes into your mug, or dealing with pesky mosquitoes and overbearing heat back home. Well, we’ve found the perfect solution to let you fulfill your holiday fantasies: the Alvantor Screen House, which is a pop-up gazebo designed for outdoor entertaining. You can snag one on Amazon for $160!

Shop the best pop-up gazebo here — the Alvantor Screen House — for a great deal of $160!

We know, we know — there are more options for pop-up gazebos on Amazon than there are Christmas movies on Netflix (which is saying a lot). So why this one? First off, the Alvantor Screen House is available in not one, but three sizes based on measurements from one corner to the opposite corner, and height:

pop up gazebo

10 feet x 10 feet with a height of 7 feet: fits 4-6 people

12 feet x 12 feet with a height of 7.5 feet: fits 8-10 people

15 feet x 15 feet with a height of 8.5 feet: fits 12-15 people

These pop-up gazebos can fit an impressive amount of things, from grills to patio furniture. No matter the size, this pop-up gazebo easily folds into a flat disc shape that fits into the 39.3”x2.4”H carry bag that comes with the screen house. When you’re ready to use it, the screen house automatically pops out of the bag — no assembly at all required. Yes, you can say bye to crisscrossing pesky metal rods, which is a step usually required for setting up tents.

pop up gazebo

The screen house’s fiberglass material can be thanked for its ease in setup, unlike other pop-up gazebos made of steel and iron which are “heavy and easy to be rusted,” which Alvantor points out on its Amazon page. The fiberglass material doesn’t mean this screen house is flimsy, however; one Amazon reviewer even noted that it withstood “50 plus mph winds” (the customer did, however, suggest adding a patio umbrella for extra stabilization). You’re also given six sandbags, 12 guylines and 12 metal mounting stakes to hold down fort. Alvantor doesn’t recommend using this screen home, though, in wind levels of six or higher (according to the Beaufort Wind Scale, a wind level of six equates to 25-31 mph…but we can’t imagine an outdoor movie night in such conditions, anyways).

pop up gazebo

With the basics out of the way, we’re moving onto the fun features of this pop-up gazebo! The Alvantor Screen House’s unique patented design features a 210D Oxford fabric top, which offers 50+ UV protection from sun rays all day long (yes, you should be protecting yourself from rays and wearing sunscreen even in the fall and winter months). The six mesh netting screens also protect you from bugs, yet another danger to our skin. You can actually enjoy that burger, now, instead of spending all your energy during backyard BBQs swatting away mosquitoes!

The mesh walls also “supply 360-degree ventilation for better dissipation of body heat and odor,” according to Alvantor’s Amazon page. However, we do have to clarify that this tent is not waterproof — so don’t expect to sit in it during a blizzard or heavy snowfall. 

This pop-up gazebo was truly designed with outdoor entertaining in mind since it comes with jacket hooks as well! Although not necessary, you can also add on to this screen house with separate purchases. Alvantor also sells a sun shade sail canopy to hang over the tent’s mesh walls for extra UV protection, which comes in a pack of three for $30. And if you’d prefer to walk on the covered ground, you can also purchase Alvantor’s waterproof and 10’x10′ heavy duty tarp to lay on your grass/cement for $36.

You can have a lot of fun with this gazebo, and transform it into an outdoor party oasis (and by party, we mean an intimate gathering of people who have all tested negative for COVID-19). This $380 nine-piece patio dining set comes with a table, four chains, four ottomans, and 12 cream cushions will make the space under your pop-up gazebo extra cozy. Or, you can turn your pop-up gazebo into a little picnic spot with this $200 farmhouse dining table and two-piece bench set. Add extra pizazz by decorating the outside of the tent with this $16 66-foot pack of twinkle lights, or this $17 25-foot pack of bulb-shaped outdoor lights (just like the kind you see strung across wedding receptions).

You don’t necessarily have to set up this pop-up gazebo on the ground, either. It can also be attached to the top of a hot tub, keeping you and your friends cozy as you enjoy late-night talks while soaking in the warm bubbles — just take a look at the photo below!

pop up gazebo

Amazon reviewers had many reasons for raving over this pop-up gazebo. One customer noted how the screen house “didn’t even move” during a windy day, while another was astonished to find that they could fit  a “three-seater swing” with end tables and was still left with “plenty of room” inside the tent. Another customer loved that this gazebo was “so easy to carry and bring anywhere,” while a different reviewer observed that it was “exceptionally easy to set up, and surprisingly easy to take down once you get the hang of it.”

The positive reviews went on! The over 1,000 reviews were filled with praises about the pop-up gazebo being “very functional and roomy,” “ideal for relaxing or working outdoors during this new era of lockdowns and telework,” and being “resilient.” One of the longer reviews read, “It seriously takes under one minute to pop it up into place…NO JOKE! It’s amazing! It also has only two entry sections, which is smart because it reduces areas that could potentially allow mosquitos in. But this thing is sewn together masterfully. Mosquitos don’t get in, you can hang string lights for decoration if you like. It’s so comfortable to kick back in and watch a movie in the backyard with the kids and the dog all comfortable in the tent. It’s PERFECT!”

If you’re not writing in caps lock how perfect this gazebo is, not to fear — Alvantor offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee and a one-year limited warranty. You can contact the company directly if you’re not sold on the screen house!

And now, we’d like to offer inspiration on how to personalize your pop-up gazebo! If you need ideas of how to transform your pop-up gazebo into the coolest hangout spot among your family or circle of friends, just look to the backyards of celebrities. Reese Witherspoon may just have the most enviable backyard in Hollywood, and not because it boasts an infinity pool that overlooks all of Los Angeles or a multi-level auto garage. Rather, it looks like it could easily double as the roaming grounds of a quaint French château with its lush greenery and hospitable furniture. Below is a photo of Reese’s children Tennessee, 8, and Ava, 21, enjoying the sunshine on an outdoor sofa in their backyard — which you could also fit under the Alvantor pop-up gazebo!


Next up on the list of stars with enviable (but achievable) backyards is Lisa Vanderpump! The restaurateur lives on the famed Villa Rosa estate, a sprawling estate in Beverly Hills that has served as a gathering place for cast members on Vanderpump Rules and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. LVP hosts intimate parties within her own gazebo, which she’s made luxurious with pieces like pink patio furniture and chandeliers . Many of these pieces came from LVP’s furniture collection with Nick Alain, VanderpumpAlain, and you too can emulate these opulent vibes with ornate outdoor furniture (think bistro set pieces) and roses.


Kourtney Kardashian is another celebrity whose backyard should give you an idea or two on how to jazz up your new gazebo and backyard furniture! In Sept. 2019, the Poosh blogger shared a photo of herself lounging on a pool cot near her gazebo, which also had its own outdoor dining set that you can check out below. If you too have a pool at home, just imagine the post-swim hangouts and cocktails you can enjoy nestled inside your pop-up gazebo!


Unlike the above celebrities, though, the Alvantor Screen House gives you the versatility of moving around your portable gazebo without permanently committing to a specific spot in the backyard. You also won’t have to worry about the wear and tear of the environment ruining your gazebo — or filling it with an unnecessary amount of furniture if that’s not your style. While we’ve provided suggestions on how to decorate your pop-up gazebo for outdoor entertaining, you can also take the opposite route and transform this tent into a personal oasis in the backyard for activities like yoga or stargazing (which one person did in the Amazon reviews).

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