Practice Yoga & Workouts At Home With These 5 Best-Selling Foam Blocks

Elevate your at-home workouts (literally!) with these durable foam blocks. We've rounded up the top-rated blocks that fitness lovers can't get enough of & they're super affordable!

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Have you ever incorporated foam blocks into your fitness routine? Whether you answered ‘yes’ or ‘heck no… I don’t even know what these things do!’ — we’re here to give you a better understanding as to what foam blocks are all about. While they’re typically used for yoga and pilates, there are many benefits to foam blocks, which are super lightweight, yet durable. They’re ideal in supporting the head, neck and back while performing bodyweight exercises or stretching — and they help to improve flexibility, proper alignment, deeper poses and balance. Many yogis will say that foam blocks “bring the floor closer to you,” which makes them suitable for all fitness levels. Additionally, blocks help aid beginners and those experiencing injury or other physical limitations.

Working out in the comfort of your own home is about to get much easier with these select foam fitness blocks! We tracked down the top-rated foam blocks for you to shop — right here, right now. And, they’re all under $20. So, whoever said you need to break your bank and buy pricey fitness equipment was dead wrong. Shop the below block sets to stay on track with your fitness goals this year:

1. REEHUT Yoga Blocks  

These REEHUT Yoga Blocks are a must-have! They’re made of durable, high-density EVA Foam to provide reliable support even under considerable weight. Like the last ones, these blocks have a slip-resistant surface and beveled edges for a good grip. What makes these blocks even better is that have moisture-proof material so your sweat won’t ruin your stability during an intense stretch or yoga session. $12,

2. Prosource Fit Foam Blocks 

Prosource Fit Foam Blocks get the job done when it comes to fulfilling your yoga needs. These blocks allow you to safely get into any yoga pose so you can focus on extending your reach, without straining any muscles. They have a non-slip and non-stick surface, so they’ll remain in place during your workout. Prosource Fit’s Foam Blocks are also ideal for traveling (5.6 oz. each), whenever that is safe to do again. This set of two large blocks (size 4”x6”x9”) is available in a variety of colors including black, blue and pink that only vary in price by a couple cents. $10,

3. Gaiam Yoga Essentials Blocks

A must-have workout accessory! It’s time to get in the know about these Gaiam Yoga Essentials Blocks. With a glowing 5-star rating, these supportive, latex-free blocks are Amazon’s Choice for foam blocks. They provide the stability and balance needed in your practice to help with optimal alignment, deeper poses and overall increased strength. Gaiam yoga blocks are the perfect tool to increase your range of motion at your preference. This two-pack set of foam blocks is 9 inches W x 6 inches H x 4 inches D / Weight: 4. 6 ounce. $17,

4. Node Fitness Premium Yoga Blocks

Node Fitness is another popular brand, especially for yoga blocks. This particular set is another Amazon Choice-product. These moisture-proof blocks contain EVA foam material and they’re non-slip. They’re the perfect compact size (9″ x 6″ x 3″) to throw in a yoga bag to and from class, or anywhere. This set comes in a number of colors — grey, purple, black, blue, green, yellow and pink — for the same low price. $18,

5. Solofit Yoga Blocks 

Last, but certainly not least, these Solofit Yoga Blocks are the real deal, and they even come with a 6-foot yoga strap! The yoga stretching strap can be used to sink deeper into your stretch and increase your range of motion for the ultimate workout. Additionally, the strap features a D-ring metal buckle that helps secure the strap in place so your shoulders can relax. Solofit’s yoga blocks are non-slip, non-toxic, and they’re made from 100% EVA foam for a comfortable and durable feel. $16,

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