This Wireless Keyboard Connects To Your iPhone So You Can Work From Anywhere & It’s On Sale For Less Than $20

If you want to work from any device you have including your cellphone, then this wireless keyboard is the perfect option for you & it's less than $20!

wireless keyboard
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These days we’ve been working from home and that means working from just about everywhere in the house. Luckily, the OMOTON Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard allows you to work from any one of your smart devices and it’s currently 24% off the retail price of $18.99 so it can be all yours for just $14.44, saving you $4.55. The wireless keyboard connects via Bluetooth and is compatible with your iPhone, iPad, smartphone, or tablet.

Get the OMOTON Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard here for $14.44.

The wireless keyboard comes in four different colors – black, gray, white, and pink, so you can choose the right one that suits you. Even better, it’s super lightweight and compact which makes it easy to travel with, plus, it can fit in your purse or bag. The keyboard connects to a distance of up to 10 meters and it even has volume control and brightness buttons. It takes two AAA batteries, which are not included, but once the batteries are in, the keyboard will last 30 days of continuous use and it has an automatic sleep mode to conserve battery and is intended to last up to half a year without having to replace the batteries.


There’s a reason the device has over 11,900 reviews and it’s because people swear by it. One customer wrote, “I only had to set up the Bluetooth connection once and now every time all I have to do is turn on the keyboard. This keyboard does not lay flat!! (Thank goodness! It comes with a little bit of an incline so that you can type easily.” Meanwhile, another satisfied customer gushed, “Since Covid-19 all my classes are now virtual and online which makes it hard on my neck/back to have the monitor at desk level so I have my laptop on a riser for the monitor which makes it way more ergonomic. As you can imagine though the keyboard on the riser is not comfortable at all for typing. This keyboard has made all the difference in having a comfortable working desk set up. It is lifted on the top side which really helps make it ergonomic for my wrists. The only feature I wish it also had was the light on the actual keyboard the way the MacBook Air keyboard has. The keys are pretty much exactly like the Mac keyboard except for that one feature. Either way I love this keyboard!”

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