In Need Of A Good Night’s Rest? This $19 Sound Machine Will Soothe You To Sleep

Times are tough & extremely stressful & if you're finding it hard to fall asleep at night, then this $19 sound machine will lull you right to bed in no time!

sound machine
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Quarantine got you up late? Why not buy this affordable sound machine which is only $19! The Magicteam Sound Machine is the perfect tool to have at home during these hard times because it helps soothes you to sleep. The machine doesn’t take up a lot of space and it fits perfectly on your nightstand. Included in the machine are 20 non-looping sleep sounds from white noise to oceans, and even birds. The best part is, it works for both kids and adults.

Get the Magicteam Sound Machine here for $19.99.

Since we’re home all day long when it’s finally time for bed it may seem almost impossible to actually fall asleep. Between the stress and the long hours working from home, sleep has been tough lately. That is why we love this sound machine which has different calming sounds to help you slowly drift off to sleep.

sound machine

This sound machine helps ease your stress and lack of sleep during these trying times by offering you soothing sounds that put you to bed and calm your state of mind. There are 20 different sounds to choose from and 32 levels of volume. You can set a timer from one hour to five hours and it will automatically shut off when it’s done. No matter what type of sounds are calming for you, you will find something that will help you fall asleep when you shop for this sound machine on Amazon, right here!

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