Express Yourself With These Fun & Temporary Henna Tattoo Body Kits

Creating unique body art has never been easier thanks to these temporary henna tattoo kits.

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If you have ever been curious about getting a tattoo or simply love the look of body art but don’t want to commit permanently, a henna tattoo kit may be the answer. What these kits have in common is that they are temporary, lasting anywhere from 3-5 days, giving you the desired look and feel of a permanent tattoo without permanence. Below we are featuring some of our favorite, highly-rated temporary tattoo kits. We have included both semi-permanent henna-based ink sets that include all the stencils of your dreams and a kit that comes with brightly colored, cosmetic-grade body markers for endless fun and unique designs.

1. Bic BodyMark Temporary Tattoo Marker

These temporary tattoo markers are specially designed for skin and will give you the freedom to create your own skin-safe designs. This cosmetic-grade set comes with eight go-to colors that are bright and long-lasting with flexible felt tips for thin or broad lines while allowing you to enjoy all your favorite designs with any of the pain or commitment of a real tattoo. $14,

2. Jacknb Temporary Tattoo Kit

This temporary tattoo kit contains four bottles of ink in black, brown, and red tones plus accessories including self-adhesive stencils to help make any small and delicate designs. The ink contained in this kit is made of all-natural plant extracts, sans any chemicals, so you can feel confident putting it all over. The colors will also last a long time, are waterproof, and can last up to 5 days. $15,

3. Alex Spa Totally Henna Deluxe Set

For the littles in your life, this deluxe henna set is a fast and easy way to adorn most body parts with henna tattoos. Great as a party or sleepover activity, this set comes with three tattoo pens, two metallic writers, stencil stickers, adhesive gems, and easy-to-read instructions. Create all the detailed designs of your dreams and add shimmering highlights and gems for glimmer and shine. $11,

4. Beefly Temporary Tattoos Kit

Another great temporary tattoo option is this set that comes with everything you need to create the easiest tattoos, even on the first try. This set has a minimal learning curve and includes two freehand-style bottles of black, plant-based ink and 63 assorted stencils to help the creative juices start to flow. $10,

5. Xmasir Henna Tattoo Kit

If you already have the ink, then this pack of stencils will be all you need to create your next henna masterpiece. With 16 sheets of high-quality sticky stencils, you will be able to create an endless array of designs on each of your hands. These stencils are also suitable for use with airbrush paints and glitter, are washable, reusable, and non-toxic. $8,

6. Charmark Jaqua Gel Temporary Tattoo Kit

This tattoo set comes with three different bottles of tattoo ink in brown, red, and black and two stencils to help with all your DIY tattoos. This set is slightly different than our other options as the stencils come in a variety of symbols and patterns from animals and flowers to words, hearts and wings. A convenient, freehand bottle makes application a breeze and the ink itself is waterproof and can last up to 5 days. $14,


7. Beefly Temporary Tattoos Kit

This semi-permanent temporary tattoo and body art set combines both color and unique stencils that will allow you to decorate your skin in a ton of different ways. The specialty freehand bottle has a precise metal needle tip that makes it easy to create a ton of highly detailed designs and keeps you from needing to buy an extra tattoo applicator while the 63 different designs will make decorating fun. $10,

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