Treat Yourself To Heated Seats In Your Car Just In Time For Winter With These 5-Star Reviewed Cushions

Get through the cold months ahead with a nice heated car seat, without having to buy a new car -- all for under $50!

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Heated Car Seat Cushion
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Let’s face it: winter is upon us; so long, warm car rides with the windows down and the sun shining on your face! Instead, we’ve got frigid days ahead, making driving a little more treacherous and a lot less cozy. Sadly, we don’t all drive luxury vehicles with built-in heated seats that make getting into an icy car a little more comfortable. However, we think we found a way to easily transform a freezing car seat into a heated one – thanks to these highly-rated, heated car seat cushions that may just be a necessity this winter.

Get the Kingleting Heated Seat Cushion here for only $41!

KINGLETING Heated Seat Cushion

This heated seat cushion from Kingleting is exactly what your cold car needs this winter — and it’s not just us saying that! It’s got a 5-star rating from 69% of customers who’ve tried it, proving ultimate satisfaction. The cushion fits universally to any standard car seat, and has a non-slip rubber design on the bottom plus elastic bands to fasten the cushion, keeping it in place properly. Warm your driver and/or passenger seat right up, because the cushion has the ability to increase in temperature within just 1 minute with its unique temperature controller, and can crank up to a toasty 60℃(140℉) maximum. In no time at all, your entire back, legs and butt will be toasty warm despite the chilly temperature of your vehicle. Choose your preferred temperature from 86℉, to 140℉ or even as low as 37.4℉. 

No need to worry about remembering to turn off the power switch either, thanks to the cushion’s auto power-off protection. Set the timer to power the cushion “off” every 30, 60 or 90 minutes (whatever you prefer) to avoid draining the battery. Or, if you’re not worried about that, choose the “00” minutes option and manually power it off and on yourself. Reaching a temperature of 140℉ definitely sounds on the hotter side, but not to worry-  the heated seat cushion is equipped with a protection thermostat that keeps the cushion from overheating. When you reach the preferred temperature you set the cushion to, it will automatically stop increasing in heat and just stay at that exact temperature. Heat your seat this winter and make driving a little less freezing with this must-have heated car seat cushion! 


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