Keep Your Hair In Peak Condition With These Versatile Hair Brush Sets

Give yourself & your hair an upgrade with these varying sets that come with all the brushes, combs, & styling tools you will ever need & then some.

hair brush sets
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You can never have too many hair brushes is something probably no one has ever said, however when it comes to looking for your next brush, it may make sense to get a full hair brush set so you are never without. Below we are featuring a few highly-rated hair accessory sets that come with a variety of styling tools including hairbrushes, paddle brushes, combs, and even some fun accessories that will help make styling your hair on the daily something to actually look forward to.

1. Maitys Hair Brush Set

This five-piece hairbrush and comb set includes all the pieces you need for the most effective hair styling session. You get a small round brush, a paddle hairbrush, a rectangular comb brush, a detangler hairbrush, and a rattail comb, all in a hard-to-miss purple color. Ideal for both men and women, this set is also lightweight and works on all hair types both wet and dry. $14,

2. URtheone Boar Bristle Hair Brush And Comb Set

This boar bristle hairbrush set is made up of both boar and nylon pins to ensure an easy and pain-free brushing experience. The beauty of boar bristles is their ability to work on all hair types and when used correctly, will not only detangle but can help distribute the natural oil from the scalp down to the ends of the hair thus smoothing and adding lustrous shine. This set comes with a boar paddle brush, mini travel hairbrush, and comb to meet all your daily hair needs. $16,

3. Balon Hairbrush Set

This plastic four-piece brush set is fit for all hair types and includes a paddle brush, styling brush, wide-tooth comb, and tail comb for all your daily styling needs. Perfect for men, women, and even kids’ hair, this set comes in three fun colors, can be used on wet or dry hair, and has an anti-static rubber cushion for maximum grip and control. $15,

4. Beautessa Hair Brush And Comb Set

Lay this chic three-piece set out on the countertop for all to admire. It comes with a detangling brush for dry or wet hair, a rat tail teasing comb and a double-sided nail file has been thrown in as well. The brush has a flexible rubber cushion to make detangling painless and easy while an ergonomic yet elegant handle makes for a comfortable hold. Use the brush in conjunction with the comb to create an endless amount of hairstyles. $7, 

5. Siquk Hair Brush And Comb Set

With seven different hair brushes, detanglers, and combs to choose from you can get all your hair needs met with this one set. It comes with a round paddle brush, rectangle brush, and numerous combs to meet different hair needs. The brushes and combs are also all made of soft plastic bristles which can massage the scalp, promote blood circulation and ultra-light feeling in your hands. $10,

6. MRD Hair Brush Kit

This comprehensive kit goes slightly above and beyond our other options and, in addition to quality brushes and combs, it also includes a manual facial cleansing brush, a scalp massager, and handy hair clips to help during heat styling. It also comes with two different sized brushes and combs that are ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand, and have flexible bristles to minimize pain, split ends, and any breakage. $13, 

7. Perfehair Round Thermal Brush Set

With five different-sized round brushes included in this set, you are guaranteed to get the blowout of your dreams. These brushes have varying barrel sizes from small to large, to accommodate all hair types and lengths and they combine thermal nano and ceramic materials for heat maximization and a faster, more consistent drying time. They also have a light comfortable grip with an ergonomic handle making them easy and comfortable to hold. $39,

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