Buy This $60 Blowout Brush & You’ll Never Need To Go To The Salon Again

Remember blowouts? While it's always nice to have someone do the work for you, with this innovative hair tool, you'll get smooth hair in half the time and half the price of going to the salon.

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These days, styling your hair feels like it should be reserved for Zoom meetings and virtual date nights. As many of us are still quarantining and staying close to home, busting out the blow dryer to achieve a silky, straight look seems like more work than it’s worth. But what if it was as easy as brushing your hair? (We’re assuming you’re still doing that, right?)

Get the Calista StyleDryer Pro Volumizing Blowout Brush right here for $59.82.

Hair dryer brushes are the talk of the beauty scene right now, especially as we go into the holiday season. Everyone is looking for a quick, easy way to getting lasting shine, volume, and style, without working your arm to the bone with a round brush and a blow dryer at the same time.

Here’s a suggestion for you: take the work out of doing your own hair and enjoy gorgeous blowouts in the comfort of your own home with the Calista StyleDryer Pro Custom Blowout, available on QVC. This hair tool will take your hair from damp and curly to straight and sleek within minutes. Plus unlike other blowout crushes, you get two, unique brush heads that will help perfect your look.

First, you have the traditional Oval brush. You’ve likely seen this type of brush before, in the hands of your stylist at your favorite blowout bar. So then, you know, that once you get the Calista StyleDryer Pro going, you’ll be getting volumized hair instantly, with little effort. Just section off your hair set the dryer to your preference (cool, low, or high), and start brushing until your hair is dry.

Pro tip: make sure your hair is damp, not wet.  This blowout brush works best if it’s able to really reach your hair. Excess water = more work for you!

But now here’s what makes the Calista StyleDryer Pro different from the others out there. You’re also getting the stylizing head. At first glance, it looks similar to a detangler brush, and in fact, when you watch the tool at work, it does just that — but so much more. Let’s say you’re looking for a sleeker look over volume. Well, then you could just pop on this stylizing head, turn on the air, and simply start brushing your hair until dry. It’s that simple! No flat iron required. 

You know what other hair tool you won’t need —  a curling iron! While you’re blowing out your hair with either head, you can easily flip your ends inward or outward. So whatever you’re feeling for yourself, you can do it.

Tons of reviewers have given this a try on QVC and have said things like, “I look like I’ve just received a professional blowout!” and “I am a professional hairstylist and I 100% recommend it to my clients and friends.”  There’s no better time to treat yourself and since you can’t make it to the hair salon every day, why not cut out the middle man for good!

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