Detangle Your Hair Effortlessly With the Best Hair Brushes

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Do you often have a bad hair day? Are stubborn knots, hair fall, frizz, split ends, and itchy scalp stealing your peace of mind? The right hair brush can be a true game-changer. Unlike regular combs, they are designed with innovative technologies, solid and convenient handles, unique shapes, and carefully engineered bristles.

Some brushes offer effortless detangling, while others are ideal for curling, volumizing, enhancing, and styling. Since they have a lot to offer, let’s dive in to explore some premium hair brushes of 2022 that can help you experience healthy, smooth, and breakage-free gliding and hair.

Comparing the Finest Hair Brush of 2022

Wet Brush Hair Brush  —  Best Overall

Detangle your hair without breakage or pain with this hair brush from Wet Brush. Its "intelliflex" bristles smoothen your hair and glide through the knots with ease. Comfortable to hold, this revolutionary brush guarantees over 45% breakage reduction, 55% less effort, and 100% delighted hair.

It is also ideal for all hair types and protects your locks against split ends and damage. Owing to the brilliant design, effortless gliding, painless detangling, and versatile use, this hair brush has been rated the best overall on this list.


  • Easy to hold and use
  • Can be used on dry and wet hair
  • Ultra-soft bristles eliminate forced brushing


  • Doesn't help straighten hair with a blow dryer

Conair Hair Brush  —  Most Versatile

Featuring a comfy handle and lightweight design, this hair brush from Conair offers an effortless glide through tangled hair without pulling or snagging. Its extra-flexible, super soft, ball-tipped bristles detangle wet hair easily, offering salon-quality blowouts at home.

You can also volumize your locks and enhance your curls using this brush every day. On top of everything, this all-purpose versatile tool helps you create amazing hairstyles, regardless of the type and length of your hair.


  • Available in three colors
  • Pull- or snag-free gliding with nylon bristles
  • Perfect for detangling, volumizing, curling, and styling
  • Offers a tight grip


  • Not ideal for use with a hair dryer

Revlon Hair Brush  —  Most Advanced

Create stunning hairstyles effortlessly with this pack of two hair brushes from Revlon, made using advanced technology to reduce damage. They feature a carefully designed rubberized finish that offers a firm grip when you style your wet or dry hair using it.

The brush also helps you smoothen and straighten your locks when used with a blow dryer and create glamorous waves while loosening curls when used after a curling iron. So, this multi-purpose option will surely be your go-to option for everyday styling and help you turn heads wherever you go.


  • Easy to clean and effortless to use
  • Gentle on the scalp
  • Has soft bristles
  • Ideal for dry and wet hair


  • Pad with the bristles come out easily

Urtheone Hair Brush  —  Giftable Pack

Say goodbye to hair problems and get healthy hair with this upgraded Urtheone Hair Brush. Ideal for many types of hair, this pick has an outstanding combo of natural boar bristles and handmade nylon pins. The bristles make your hair smooth and shiny, while the nylon pins penetrate the normal and thick locks easily to detangle them. You will also feel relaxed when the thinnest wild bristles of this hairbrush touch your skin.

Brushing with this tool distributes the nourishing oils from your scalp to the hair lengths, promoting hair strength and growth. You also get a wide-tooth tail comb with this giftable package, allowing you to detangle, backcomb, and part your hair easily.


  • Stimulates and massages the scalp
  • Reduces hair breakage and frizz
  • Has an ergonomic handle
  • The nylon pins don’t fall off easily


  • The handle may not provide a good grip

Paul Mitchell Hair Brush  —  Most Reliable

Detangle your stubborn knots easily with this classic, versatile brush from Paul Mitchell Pro Tools. It works well with all hair types and can help you sculpt or style many looks. Its slim paddle design and wooden body make it highly convenient for blow-drying or defining your hair.

The defensive ends of this soft, gentle brush remain kind to your scalp for an extended period, making it highly reliable. Consider buying this lightweight, static-free, and perfect-sized hair brush for pull-free everyday styling.


  • Perfect for styling wet and dry hair
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Detangle your locks effortlessly


  • Some people find it slightly overpriced

Buying Guide: Finding Your Next Hair Brush

Your perfect hair look depends on the brush you choose and how you use it. With hundreds of brushes available on the market, choosing the perfect one requires a considerable amount of effort. That said, you should know which brush is suitable for your hair type and what factors you should consider before making a purchase.

To ease your hair brush selection task, check out this complete buying guide enriched with all the important information you need to narrow down your choices and make a wise purchase.

Purposes of Different Hair Brushes

Different hair brushes serve different purposes. Let’s have a look at them:

Detangling hair brush

Detangling hair brushes suit all hair types. These usually have flexible bristles to work through stubborn knots with ease. These can detangle both wet and dry hair.

Paddle hair brush

These brushes glide smoothly through your hair while styling and are best for blow-drying.

Round hair brush

Round brushes can tame frizz and can add bounce to your hair. With an appropriate round hairbrush and a proper technique, you can nail a salon-fresh blowout at home.

What To Consider Before Buying a Hair Brush?


Bristles make and define a brush. The more the bristles, the more control you have while blow-drying. Lesser bristles mean lesser control but more airflow and thus a quicker blow-dry. You should also consider the type of bristles as they ‌influence the benefits you get from a hair brush.

For instance, boar bristles are soft and offer a relaxing experience. They can help you prevent hair breakage while combing and are incredible for stimulating and massaging the scalp. They also enhance and strengthen your hair by promoting blood flow. Nylon bristles‌ easily detangle all types and lengths of hair and are perfect for curly hair.

Hair type

The length and texture of your hair are essential aspects to remember while choosing a hair brush.

Frizzy hair: If you have frizzy locks, choose a paddle brush or a round brush for detangling them. Similarly, a brush with boar bristles and nylon pins will remain gentle on your hair, while a round brush can make your hair look voluminous.

Curly hair: If you are having a hard time handling your curly hair, a wide-tooth detangling brush can solve your purpose painlessly, minimizing the pulls and snags.

Long and thin hair: You can smoothly glide a paddle brush or a flat brush with boar bristles through your long hair. These bristles can also promote hair strength by offering a gentle and smooth massage.

Straight hair: Consider buying a paddle brush for finishing your straight hairstyles.

Ease of use

Make sure the hair brush you pick is lightweight and comes equipped with an ergonomic handle so that you can have a comfortable, tight grip while styling or combing your hair.


Your hair needs premium quality care, so investing in a quality product becomes necessary. That said, the higher the quality, the higher the price. Plus, different hair brushes feature unique technologies, different materials, and varying designs, impacting their cost significantly. You can quickly get a good hair brush within the price range of $3 to $11.

How To Clean a Hair Brush

  1. Gently remove the matted hair out of the bristles with tweezers or any tool
  2. Wet the brush and apply a few drops of gentle shampoo around the brush head and into the bristles
  3. Remove oils and product residue from it by scrubbing the bristles with an old toothbrush
  4. Rinse thoroughly, use a towel to dry it quickly, and let it air dry on a towel bristle-side-down. Do not keep it in sunlight.