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These Heavy-Duty Overalls Are Functional & Comfortable

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Overalls are one of those items that will never go out of style. Once only used for rugged, heavy-duty work, overalls can now be considered a wardrobe staple to wear for both work and play.

Below are some rough and ready men’s overalls that have the traditional bib styling with plenty of front, back, and side pockets for tool, accessory, and electronic storage. They are relaxed in fit for comfort and are all made from high-quality, heavyweight denim with reinforced double and triple needle stitching for durable construction.

These overalls are also available in a wide variety of denim washes and print options, have wider leg options for a chunky boot or shoe, and come in a variety of size and length options to ensure the perfect fit.

The Top Men’s Overalls Compared

Carhartt Overalls  —  Best Overall

These denim bib overalls are made for working hard at home or on the job. Made from heavy-duty denim, these overalls feature a high back with adjustable suspenders and a variety of tool and utility pockets including a hammer loop. Other convenient pocket areas include a large chest bib with multiple compartments, plus two side and two back pockets.


  • All pockets are reinforced for durability


  • Due to the thickness, they may be too hot to wear during the summer

Dickies Bib Overall  —  Runner Up

Another great pair of roomy overalls are these which are made from heavyweight denim and feature triple stitched seams for strength. These overalls are also super roomy giving you plenty of space to move about and are equipped for convenience with many pockets that can store a watch, hammer, cell phone, and any writing utensils.


  • These overalls are made to resist snags and tears


  • If you prefer a slim fitting overall another option might be better

Walls Overall  —  Honorable Mention

AKA the working man’s bib, these overalls have been around since 1916 making classic overalls that are strong, durable, and comfortable. These are made from rigid, 100% cotton denim with adjustable straps and an arrowhead back design to keep the straps in place. They also come with a five-piece pocket bib, with two front swing, two patch hip, ruler, and plier pockets for convenience.


  • These overalls have reinforced bartacks at stress points for added strength


  • It is advised to read the size chart to ensure correct sizing

Key Apparel Overall  —  Editor's Pick

If you need an even heavier-duty fabric, these garment-washed denim bib overalls have the durable construction needed for all types of jobs. The garment washing process provides a softer, more comfortable wear while triple-needle stitching and diamondback construction provides the ultimate durability. Also included are reinforced front and back pockets, button side closures, and adjustable shoulder straps.


  • These overalls have a trademarked bib pocket design


  • These may run slightly on the smaller side

Red Kap Overall  —  Highly-Rated

Ideal for construction work, these traditional overalls are similar to our other options with their cotton heavyweight denim, diamondback construction, and heavy-duty, non-corrosive hardware. Other traditional features include a bib pocket with a flap and snap closure, plenty of front, hip, and back pockets for any necessary tools, pencils, and any electronics.


  • Every garment undergoes rigorous testing for proof of excellence


  • These are sightly stiff upon arrival but will soften when washed

Levi's Men's Overall  —  Also Consider

For a great, basic everyday overall these ones are not too thick and will be comfortable for all-day wear. These have a zipper closure with a relaxed fit, adjustable straps, and front bib pockets for storage. These overalls have slightly different sizing stats from our other options, have a relaxed fit, and have roomier legs that will comfortably fit a pair of workboots or sneakers.


  • These are available in two different denim washes


  • These overalls are not available in waist sizes or inseams

Buying Guide: Men’s Overall

Are Overalls Cool for Guys?

Traditionally, men have used overalls for work purposes. Agriculture workers and tradesmen wore these one-piece garments to avoid dirt. However, over the years, the overalls have evolved into leisure clothing for men.

It has a relaxed, cool feel that makes overalls an excellent choice for casual wear. Most men prefer wearing them at home. But, the newer overall designs with embellishments make them great for the outdoors too.

Celebrities, such as ASAP Rocky and Chris Pine often wear overalls to events. You will find them wearing classic denim overalls or trendy striped ones. The one-piece garment certainly rocks the look!

Please note that overalls are not for formal wear. While you can look flattering when wearing overalls to a store or cafe, it may not be the best option for workplaces and business events.

Benefits of Wearing Overalls

It is undeniable that men appear cool and trendy in overalls. But, if looks are not your primary concern, then there are several other reasons why you should have this amazing clothing item in your wardrobe. These include:

  • Overalls are comfortable. Since it is loose-fitting and one-piece, the overall offers outstanding comfort. You can do almost anything in these comfy clothes. There is no rigidity and stiffness in movement.
  • Overalls are convenient. The one-piece garment serves the purpose of both; pants and top. Although you've to wear a shirt underneath, the combination saves you the hassle of choosing an outfit. Just throw on the overalls with any shirt, and you're good to go!
  • Overalls are versatile. Unlike most men's clothes, overalls are a multi-purpose item that you can use in all seasons. It's possible to make it warm or cool by switching the shirt underneath.

In summers, pair it with a half-sleeved shirt for breathability. And, in winters, pair it with a woolen turtleneck to stay warm and cozy.

Types of Men's Overalls

There are two fundamental types of men's overalls. Each one has its specific features and uses.

Work overalls

As the name explains, these overalls are excellent for work use. They have a sturdy and stiff design made to withstand harsh outdoor elements. You do not have to worry about tears and rips. Plus, the work overalls have several deep pockets to store tools and supplies. There are also additional clips and buckles for security.

Leisure overalls

Unlike work overalls, these have a casual and relaxed design. They are more loose-fitting, soft, and flexible. You can even sleep in them without worries. The leisure overalls are available in various styles and lengths. You will also find overalls with shorts for summer. However, they do not have deep, spacious pockets to carry items other than essentials.

Things to Consider in the Perfect Men's Overalls

Choosing the perfect men's overall is indeed a challenging task. There is a huge range of products offered by brands. For a newbie, going through this collection only adds up to confusion. However, do not worry because we have compiled 5 things to consider in men's overalls. These particular things will help you find the perfect one in no time!

Aesthetic looks

Overalls are available in various styles. These include; classic, striped, patterned, ripped, and many more. You should compare the look of the product with your style preferences.

Also, consider the colors used in the overalls. Most men prefer neutral, monotone colors for a timeless and mature look. But, you can also opt for bold and striking colors to look trendy.

Proper fitting

Measurements have a significant effect on your outlook and comfort level. You do not want to wear an ill-fitting overall and appear too slouchy or tight. Instead, the overalls should be moderately loose.

Typically, you will find three fittings in men's overalls; baggy, regular-fit, and slim-fit. The baggy overalls have wide legs and overall dimensions. People with an average or healthier build should choose them. Meanwhile, thin men should opt for slim-fit overalls. These tailored overalls balance the look and make their fit flattering.


The materials used to make the overalls determine their lifespan. Generally, manufacturers use three types of fabrics.

  • Denim

Denim, also called pant fabric, is the most common option. It has 100% cotton fibers woven uniquely. The denim overalls are quite sturdy and damage-resistant. You can wear them in rough environments without worries.

  • Cotton blends

Using cotton blends in overalls makes them lightweight and breathable. The mixed-fabric has flexibility, unlike denim. However, it has poor resistance against wear and damage.

  • Linen

Linen is one of the oldest fabrics that use flax fibers. It is quite soft and flexible. But, the material gives a slightly formal and dressier look. These linen overalls are best for events and special occasions.


Most men's overalls are machine-washable. But, it's better to go through manufacturer details for surety. You won't want to wash bulky overalls by hand every weekend.


Having pockets in clothes is essential for men. They have to carry wallets, car keys, cash, and other valuables. And, they do not have the option of using handbags. So, do consider the storage space offered by the overalls. If you choose work overalls, there will be plenty of pockets to store items. However, it may be tricky to find leisure overalls with spacious pockets.