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These Stylish & Classic White Sneakers Can Be Styled With a Variety of Outfits

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A classic white sneaker is always a game-changer, and, while sneaker trends will come and go, you can always rely on a pair of white kicks to take your style up a notch.

We have gathered a few of our favorite women’s white shoes below that have true staying power. When you are looking for a classic white sneaker, these are all great options that you either already have or should acquire ASAP.

We have included some OG brands that have been around forever, an on-trend chunky dad shoe that comes in a ton of fun colors, and a great pair of slip-ons that will keep you comfy and cozy for all-day wear. We have even found a great swap for a high-end sneaker that is just as comfortable and has a lightweight woven design that is designed to react to every single movement.

Our Favorite Women’s White Shoes

Skechers Ballet Flat  —  Best Overall

These ballet-style flats are similar in style to another eco-friendly famous designer and are made from 100% fabric or textile fabric depending on color. These canvas slip-ons have a flexible sole and a very comfortable memory-foam footbed that will get you through a day of work, standing, or just running errands. Pair these shoes with your favorite cropped pants, shorts, or skinny jeans for an all-around casual yet stylish look.


  • These shoes come in over 30 color options
  • The low-profile midsole is shock absorbing


  • These shoes might be a little stiff upon initial wear

Keds Champion Canvas Sneaker  —  Runner Up

Another great canvas shoe is this classic sneaker option that has been around for over 100 years. This shoe is iconic with its simple yet chic styling that makes it easy to pair with everything in your wardrobe and comes with the recognizable blue label on the back. Made from 100% canvas, these shoes also have arch support, a flared cushiony outsole, and extra toe room for comfort.


  • These shoes come in over 10 color options
  • The ortholite insole is very comfortable


  • If you prefer a shoe that provides some height, another option might be better

Adidas Grand Court  —  Honorable Mention

A slightly updated look on this classic 70s icon, these sneakers are tennis-inspired and have pillow-soft cushioning for everyday wear. This is another classic sneaker that goes well with everything and can be worn for everyday athleisure style as well as a casual day at the office. These shoes also pair well with a pair of khaki trousers or pressed jeans and a blazer for a formal occasion.


  • These shoes have a Cloudfoam sock liner for comfort and lightweight cushioning
  • The black and white classic design is very versatile


  • There is only one color option

Fila Disruptor II Sneaker  —  Most Unique Pattern

The chunky dad sneaker trend is not going away anytime soon and the Disruptor is a fun option. This is a retro-inspired sneaker that is perfect for everyday wear, has a removable cushioned insole and extra-thick rubber sole for shock absorption. These shoes will give you some comfortable height and will look great paired with leggings or sweats and your favorite hoodie or cropped tee.


  • This shoe comes in a wide variety of bold color options
  • They add a bit of height


  • They may be slightly hard to lace up

JOOMRA Sneakers  —  Best Designer Alternative

A great swap for a higher-end designer, these lightweight sneakers will be a pleasure to wear. They feature a woven material with an intricate grid pattern designed to mold and move with your feet and have an integrated tongue to offer an exceptional fit. Their low-cut silhouette gives a sleek appearance and the outsole is specially designed in the shape of a feather to incorporate natural motion flex grooves that react to every movement.


  • The mesh portion of the shoe will keep your feet cool while you exercise
  • Cab be laced-up or pulled on


  • These shoes may not be cushioned enough for a tough workout

Converse All Star Low Top  —  Most Classic

If you need a basic low-top sneaker that will never steer you wrong, the All Star is the best. These classic shoes are perfect for everyday wear and easily pair with jeans, shorts, and any long or short skirts for a cute, casual vibe. Take these shoes out on all your casual errands, amp up any athleisure look and these can be worn with or without socks.


  • These shoes come in a wide variety of easy-to-wear color options
  • They can be easily styles with a wide variety of outfits


  • These shoes have minimal to no arch support

Adokoo Canvas Shoes  —  Also Consider

These shoes are a slight hybrid of a couple of our options above and make a great everyday canvas sneaker. These are breathable and adjustable with a lace-up closure and a soft, padded insole for comfort that will keep you on your feet for a full day of wear. Lastly, their durable and thick rubber sole will keep you from slipping on slick surfaces.


  • These shoes are machine washable
  • The basic design is very versatile


  • These shoes run 1/2 size big

Buying Guide: Women’s White Shoes

The white shoe, like the white T-shirt, is a necessary component of any wardrobe. Don't tell the sneaker community, but all you actually need is one great pair of shoes to complete your look—and the greatest white sneakers are the ideal ones. Anyone who wears clothing should have at least one pair of classic tennis shoes in their closet. First-time white shoe purchasers sometimes make the mistake of selecting a shoe based only on brand perception, looks, or promotional hype. Different types of foot and sporting patterns necessitate different choosing parameters. Serious individuals who know their pace and foot type can simply end up repurchasing their current running footwear, although novices should consider some fundamental facts, such as sizing, style, etc. Here’s a guide with essential information about buying the finest women’s white shoes in 2024.

Factors to Consider While Buying Women’s White Shoes


If you plan to get a new pair of white shoes, you should always plan your shopping after midday. The reason is that your feet tend to swell a bit and you can get the ideal size by trying out a pair of shoes at that time.

While many women's white shoes manufacturers run comfortable and supportive, certain designs will suit you more than others. Some white shoes, for instance, feature small cutouts, exceptionally broad toe space, or excessively large heels. As a result, it is normal for people to try on many pairs of shoes before deciding on one. Wear your chosen stockings or customized insoles if feasible to get the most accurate fit.


You can find women’s white shoes with fixed or removable insoles. Many sports footwear makers have switched to removable insoles because these allow the users to insert their own soft arch support or orthotics. Some varieties of white shoes, such as those with molded or memory-foam insoles, have fixed soles. Inserting insoles or inlays into these types may result in an unpleasant fit.

Which Type of Women’s White Shoes Should You Buy?

Laced shoes

Laced white shoes may provide a greater fit due to their flexibility. However, some users find it hard or time-consuming to tie up the laces every day. A few of these types resemble typical sports footwear. If you usually struggle to find the perfect size, buying laced shoes is better as you can secure them to fit your feet.

Slip-on shoes

Slip-on shoes are simple to put on and take off. Since they lack customizable elements like lacing or hook-and-loop fasteners, some people believe they provide a poor fit. The major perk is that slip-on shoes are usually made of flexible and adaptive material, so they offer more breathability and prevent your feet from sweating.

What Materials Are Used to Make Women’s White Shoes?

Different brands use different fabrics and materials to make women's white shoes.

Leather white shoes are more resilient, insulating, and resistant to dampness than most synthetic fibers. Although leather models may need a "breaking-in" time, especially across the ankle, they ultimately provide a pleasant, elastic fit.

Synthetic white shoes are popular due to their lightweight design. The majority of them feature very flexible designs that let the ankle move easily, and others incorporate permeable layers that encourage ventilation to keep toes cooler.

Which Features Make Women’s White Shoes a Top Choice?


Women's shoes are comfier than men’s. Cushion tongues and ankle collars reduce chafing and prevent blisters. Memory-foam orthotic insoles are smooth and conform to the shape of the ankle providing cushioning and reducing foot strain. Besides these, you can find seamless liners in most shoes that minimize friction, and you can wear loafers or mules without socks.


The majority of women's white shoes offer ultimate support that encourages good foot position when walking or standing. Many types have arched orthotic insoles that provide targeted comfort at the bottom of the foot, base, and toe. Others feature sensitive padding all the way to the midsole that works as a shock absorber. Some are particularly developed to help patients who suffer from foot problems and heel sores.

Outsoles with traction

Most women's white shoes include high-traction soles that enhance grip on the ground, especially while strolling on damp or uneven ground. With well-defined grooves and patterns that imitate wheels, these soles provide a high degree of durability. White shoes, though, are not advised for sports that demand slipping, bending, or rotating because of the resistance. Look for a pair of shoes that offer a strong grip so that you can enjoy your day and sports activities without worrying about slipping.

Price Range of Women’s White Shoes

Women's white shoes range in price from $30 to $200. The quality of material used and the brand from which you are purchasing determine the price of the shoes.


White shoes priced at $60 or less are considered economical. Light versions with minimal support and padding fall into this price range.


White shoes in the $70 to $130 category include designs that are ideal for strolling and low-impact activity. They are more robust and often have greater insole cushioning and outsole traction.


The most costly white shoes can cost up to $200. Luxury sports footwear manufacturers offer shoes in this category and include characteristics like high cushioning. These are usually customizable and offer you great value for money.