These Classic White Sneakers Can Be Worn With Just About Any Outfit

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A classic white sneaker is a must-have in any stylish wardrobe. While they may seem a little impractical, a gleaming white sneaker can make all the difference. The key to getting, keeping, and wearing a white sneaker, however, is that they should be kept clean at all times for the ultimate stylish look.

Below are some of our favorite men’s white shoes (other colors are available as well). Our options are all sneaker-type shoes and include a variety of well-known brands and styles along with lesser-known ones. We have included both lace-ups and slip-on versions that can be worn with or without socks and some cool retro-style kicks that have stood the test of time.

Comparing the Top Men’s White Shoes of 2022

Converse Sneakers  —  Best Overall

If you need a great basic low-top sneaker that will never steer you wrong, the All Star is the best. These classic shoes are perfect for everyday wear and easily pair with jeans, shorts, and any of your favorite athletic pants for a more casual vibe. Take these shoes out on all your casual errands, amp up any athleisure look and these can easily be worn with or without socks.


  • These shoes come in a wide variety of easy-to-wear color options


  • These shoes have minimal to no arch support

Adidas Originals Sneaker  —  Runner Up

These cool shoes take your regular running shoes up a notch with their sleek, futuristic look. This shoe is made of mesh, has a bungee heel overlay that delivers stretchy support while an EVA midsole and Ortholite sock liner keep them comfortable and breathable. This version has a white-on-white color scheme which gives them a fresh, clean, and streamlined look that will work for both fashion and function.


  • The innovative lacing system is inspired by ’70s D-ring designs


  • They may be slightly hard to get into

Nike Roshe Run  —  Honorable Mention

Designed as more of a fashion sneaker, this shoe has a casual design along with essential comfort technology for the ultimate in all-day wear. These shoes are designed with breathable mesh and minimal detailing for a low-profile sneaker that is easy to wear for many occasions. An internal super soft sock liner protects the feet from irritation while a cushioned collar increases comfort around the ankle.


  • The design of the shoe allows them to be worn with or without socks


  • If you require running shoes another option might be better

Lugz Sneaker  —  Best Slip-On

These cool and casual oxfords are a great addition to an already stellar shoe wardrobe. These are slip-on sneakers that feature a breathable canvas for comfort and a durable rubber outsole for excellent traction and their clean silhouette can be easily paired with a variety of outfits.


  • These shoes can be placed in the washer for cleaning


  • If you are between sizes, get one size up

A-PIE Sneakers  —  Excellent Quality

Similar to the Nike option above without the brand name, these lightweight air mesh uppers are a great alternative. These shoes are soft, comfortable, and breathable, expand with your foot when you run while providing a close fit to help you feel secure. These shoes work great for any casual occasion, are comfortable to walk in, and can be styled with any pair of track pants, sweats, and athletic shorts for an easy, on-trend look.


  • These shoes can be worn with or without socks


  • They might not be cushioned enough for a full running workout

Reebok Club Sneaker  —  Best Vintage Design

These throwback tennis-inspired shoes have a clean design, low-profile and their triple white color makes them fresh. These low-cut shoes are also made from leather, have a breathable, supportive feel, and a removable foam sock liner for lightweight comfort. These shoes are clean and sophisticated and can be easily dressed up or down while their retro vibe will keep you coming back for more.


  • A high abrasion-resistant rubber outsole makes the shoe durable


  • These shoes are not washable

WXQ Sneakers  —  Also Consider

These are another great pair of breathable mesh uppers, similar to our other options, however, these have no laces. This is a slip-on style with a lightweight rubber sole and the mesh material creates a ventilation effect that allows the feet to breathe and ensures the shoes stay lightweight. These shoes also feature a non-slip outsole with flexible grooves that keep the shoe skid-proof and long-lasting.


  • These shoes are great for casual walking, errands, light running and can be a great comfy option if you are on your feet all-day


  • These are not hard-core running shoes

Buying Guide: Men’s White Shoes

Let us admit it: shoes are both a fashion statement and a piece of performance equipment. White sneakers, loafers, and laced-up shoes can go with almost any type of outfit. Some trendy pairs of shoes will be feature-packed, having traction outsoles, innovative materials, and comfy air-sole cushioning. Purchasing a pair of white shoes is essentially an investment in both quality and elegance. If you are unsure where to start your search with so many options to pick from, this shopping guide for the top men's white shoes in 2022 will highlight much-needed information and aspects of buying the finest ones for you.

How Can You Tell What Kind of Arch Your Foot Has?

You can discover the arches you have using a rather easy technique, which can aid you in choosing the best shoes for yourself. Step into a bowl of water barefooted. Pile up a few tissue papers or place a plain fabric on the floor and start walking on it. As you walk, you will leave your footprints on the fabric or tissue paper.

If you have a normal arch, your footprint will have a small curvature in the center. The outcome of a flat arch is a print with minimal to no curvature in the center and flat edges. A high arch makes the center of the foot nearly vanish in the footprints because very little of the bottom of the foot contacts the fabric or tissue paper.

After you know the arch types, choose a pair of shoes accordingly. Check the insole closely and see if it matches your foot type or not.

What Are Different Types of Men’s White Shoes?

Sports shoes

Many individuals buy shoes for specific sports or hobbies, as well as shoes with focused technologies to increase wear and efficiency. You are most likely to see white sports shoes for tennis, cricket, and other games like these.

Fashion shoes

While all-white shoes are attractive, certain types are designed for aesthetics and collectability rather than practicality. These are ornamented, platformed, or composed of delicate materials that do not hold up well when exposed to water or soil. So, most fashion shoes are for occasional use only.

Factors to Consider While Buying Men’s White Shoes


The upper of the white shoe protects the upper and front of your feet. Go for shoes made of real or faux leather if you want something that will last longer. Many white shoe uppers contain breathable netting portions to ensure that your feet do not become too hot and sweat badly even in the hottest weather. For the finest white shoes, the mix of leather and mesh gives optimal sturdiness and ventilation.


It is essential to ensure that the shoes you choose offer some sort of cushioning to your feet when running. Pay close attention to the sole, which is the portion of the shoe that protects the shoe base. Many manufacturers use ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) or another form of foam in the midsole, which not only cushions your feet but also provides enough support to carry out different activities. Go for adaptable and light padding so you can move around without any inconvenience.


The outsole is the part of the shoe that makes traction with the ground surface. It should give balance and grip while also providing adequate traction to prevent slipping and sliding when walking. Because the outsole is the part of the shoe that wears out the fastest, look for shoes with a robust bottom, like carbon rubber. It is a fine decision to opt for white shoes with non-marking soles when you intend to wear them indoors.

Toe design

The toe design of men's white shoes can have a significant impact on productivity, particularly if you are an athlete. Opt for a strengthened toe cap (the part of the shoe just above your toes) in particular. It protects your feet while providing sufficient toe friction on the court. White shoes with a toe shield, or additional rubber on the tip of the shoe, may also give additional drag safety for your toenails.


The rear of your shoe must not be so snug that your heel rarely moves. It is natural for your foot's heel to shift somewhat while you walk. You might suffer from chafing and blisters if there’s no room for your feet to move in the shoes.

A little additional space in the shoe is beneficial since your feet might swell when walking. Between your biggest toe and the end of the shoe, leave approximately a thumb's breadth of additional space.

How Much Do Men’s White Shoes Cost?

High-quality white shoes pay for themselves in terms of durability, convenience, and injury avoidance.

The most affordable men's running sneakers range in price from $50 to $100. These shoes usually have less cushioning and the stitching quality is subpar. The costliest men's white shoes range in price from $100 to $200. These higher-quality shoes will last longer and be more useful at reducing sprains for people who walk several kilometers every week.