These Denim Cut-Off Shorts Are Stylish & Versatile

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Just as the title implies, there really isn’t a limit to the amount of denim cut-off shorts one can own. Similar to a great pair of jeans, a denim cut-off is timeless, can be paired with most styles of tops, and, depending on where you live, can even be worn year-round.

Below are a few different styles of women’s denim cut-off shorts. We are featuring mostly distressed denim which seems to be the most popular and versatile, along with on-trend frayed, raw hems.

These shorts all have the classic five-pocket styling with a zip fly and button closure and a mid-to-high rise waist for a flattering, comfortable fit. We have also included plenty of color options including a mix of light, medium, and dark denim washes to neutral black and white and even a highlighter yellow pair that is just waiting to make a statement.

The Top Denim Cut-Off Shorts, Compared

Luvamia Shorts  —  Best Overall

These denim cutoff shorts have a ton of great features that are all together flattering and make them easy to wear. They have a front button zip closure with classic five-pocket styling, a high waist, and fun side slit detailing. Their raw hem gives them a cool, casual vibe and they have a casual, slim fit that will pair with almost any top in your wardrobe.


  • These shorts have some stretch for comfort


  • If you prefer longer shorts, another option might be better

MODARANI Shorts  —  Runner Up

Similar to the pair above, these denim shorts pair plenty of stretch with a lightweight denim fabric that is comfortable for all-day wear. These shorts have a mid-rise with a shorter raw hemline and side slit detailing gives them some character. With a variety of distressing options, you can choose your favorite one or switch off a new pair for every day of the week.


  • There are over 44 color options


  • It is advised to consult the detailed size chart to ensure correct sizing

Soojun Shorts  —  Honorable Mention

If a shorter short with an ultra low rise design is your preference, these shorts are a great option. Made from stretchy fabric, these have a button and zipper closure with distressed patches and a raw hem design. AKA “booty shorts,” these leave little to the imagination and have a cheeky cut that is intended to highlight and display the bum area.


  • These shorts come in nine different color options


  • These shorts may only be suitable for the beach or vacation

GRAPENT Shorts  —  Most Classic

These washed denim cutoffs are another great option to keep in your wardrobe rotation. Made from soft, stretchy denim, these shorts have a mid-rise with a zip fly and button closure and the prerequisite raw, frayed hem for style. These shorts can be worn daily, are suitable for a day at the beach or a day of running errands, and pair perfectly with all kinds of tops including cropped, tank, and blousy.


  • Plenty of colors and unique style options will keep you stylish


  • These are not available in white or black

Govc Shorts  —  Also Consider

These stretchy denim shorts are another great option with their slight distressing and frayed, raw hemline. This popular wash of denim pairs well with any style top from an on-trend button-down plaid to a chiffon-style tank. Their comfortable and soft denim is easy to wear and they come in all the bright, neutral, and fun pattern options for a fun new pair every day of the week.


  • These shorts have a flirty side slit


  • If you prefer a longer inseam, another option might be better

Buying Guide: Denim Cut Off Shorts

The top denim cut-off shorts in 2022 will really compliment your body and make you look attractive. It is essential to buy the right size, shape, and design of denim cut-off shorts to accentuate your body.

Factors to Consider While Buying Denim Cut-Off Shorts

Below is a list of top factors that you need to focus on when buying denim cut-off shorts that combine to accentuate your curves and boost your confidence.


Before looking for anything else in denim cut-off shorts, you should check out its quality. Nowadays, a lot of cheap knock-offs are being sold in the market. While they may help save a few bucks, their quality will become a tell-tale. Good quality denim shorts are made of premium fabric, their inseams and stitching are fine, and their detailing is in place.


The correct size of denim cut-off shorts matters a lot. So, before purchasing these shorts, you should try them on. Make sure they are neither too short nor too long. You can find the perfect measurements for a cut-off short online, but you won’t be able to get an idea unless you wear it.


When looking for suitable denim cut-off shorts, try different options to find the right fit. Each brand has different fitting criteria. Some may be tighter on the hip, while others may have a bigger waist gap. So, you should wear them before buying to see how they complement your body. If you buy slightly bigger cut-off shorts, you can use a belt to make them look nice and fit.

How to Find the Best Fit for Denim Cut-Off Shorts?

To find the right fit for denim cut off shorts, you should keep the following in mind:

For curvy bodies

For curvy bodies, high-waisted shorts are the best fit. Lucky for you, they are all the rage nowadays. High-waisted bottoms are smaller at the waist and taper out for the hips, butt, and legs. Choose the denim cut-off shorts having their hem hitting the thinnest part of your thighs. It will give an illusion of slimmer legs.

For short legs

If your legs are short, you need to stay away from longer hems at all costs. Find denim cut-off shorts with shorter hemlines. Moreover, if your legs are short and you don’t have a long torso either, don’t opt for a high-waisted style. The perfect fit for this type of body shape is the one that has its rise hitting right at the hip bone.

For apple shape bodies

Girls with apple-shaped bodies should keep the entire focus on their legs. To do that, darker denim cut-off shorts with a cuffed style will do the trick. You can play with darker washes and different lengths to achieve this goal. To accentuate your figure, pair the shorts with a flowy top that hits below the hips.

For tall legs

People with longer legs can pull off a lot of clothing styles, but denim cut-off shorts can be a tricky fashion statement. Most women look like they’re wearing scanty clothes if they don’t pick the right shorts. So, go for longer hemlines that cover most of your legs.

Tips and Tricks for Buying Denim Cut Off Shorts

When going to shop for denim cut-off shorts, keep the following tips in mind.

Size-down on high waists

When shopping for high-waisted denim shorts, make sure you size down. High-waisted jeans are smaller at the waist but not at the hips. So, make sure you go down one or two sizes for the shorts to fit your waist.

Keep the stretch in mind

Most of the time, you will feel like the cut-off shorts are too snug at the time of trying. However, most stretchy shorts will start forming according to your body and loosening up after a few wears. So, make sure you don’t buy a size too big only to end up with something entirely unwearable.

Not all styles are for all bodies

Sometimes your mother is right, and your shorts may be too short. Like every piece of clothing, different denim cut-off shorts styles suit different bodies. So, if a style doesn’t suit your body shape, another will. All you have to do is find the right style for your body.

How to Care For Denim Cut Off Shorts

Buying your favorite denim cut-off shorts is not enough. You have to care for them to make them last longer. Keep the following care instructions in mind:

Wash them less

Denim tends to fade over time, and its thread quality can also deteriorate with excessive washing. So, try to wash your favorite pair of denim cut-off shorts only when essential.

Turn them inside-out

If you cannot go long without washing your denim shorts, always turn them inside out before washing. Doing this will help preserve the original color and wash off the shorts. Moreover, it will clean the insides of the shorts better when they get exposed to detergent.

Use cold water

Warm or hot water is not your denim cut-off shorts’ friend. It can damage the thread quality denim’s color and make the short shrink and fade. So, use cold water for washing your denim shorts.

Air-dry them

It is better to let your denim cut off short air dry instead of machine-dry. You should choose an open spot in the natural light and sun to hang your shorts and let them dry. However, try to hang them inside-out to preserve their original color.