Workout, Sleep, & Lounge in These Colorful Tie Dye Shorts

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Tie-dye is one of those trends that doesn’t seem to want to go away and we are here for that. It went away for a while and came back strong with modernized styles and amazing color palettes.

Below are some great tie-dye shorts options. We have included a variety of styles that can take you from the gym to the coffee shop with ease and the beach to your bed in no time.

These shorts come in a ton of colors and prints, including bold and bright colors and pretty pastels. Wear these shorts anywhere and everywhere you want as they will keep you comfortable and make you feel happy each and every time you wear them.

Comparing the Top Tie Dye Shorts of 2022

SweatyRocks Dolphin Shorts  —  Best Overall

These dolphin-style running shorts were made to be seen. Made from a cotton blend, these shorts are stretchy and soft and whether you wear them for working out or running they will keep you comfortable and cool.


  • There are multiple color options to choose from
  • The black piping along the edges gives them an athletic look


  • There is no built-in underwear

FITNEXX Shorts  —  Runner Up

These are another fun pair of fitness shorts that are available in some of the prettiest tie-dye color options. These shorts have plenty of stretch for comfort, feel soft to the touch, and have a generous drawstring elastic waistband that goes all around for comfort. They also have sleek white piping on the sides and bottom giving them a vintage, sporty vibe.


  • These shorts are not see-through
  • The fabric is super soft and comfortable


  • These are very short shorts

Blooming Jelly Shorts  —  Best for Lounging

These are another great pair of dolphin shorts except these are made from a nylon and spandex material that is lightweight and allows your skin to breathe. Wear these cool tie-dye printed shorts to the gym, while taking a hot yoga class, jogging outside, or leisurely hanging out at home. These shorts also have a comfortable drawstring waist and secured leg cuff opening so you never have to worry about slipping, sliding, or rubbing.


  • These shorts have pockets on each side
  • Are great for lounging, sleeping, or exercise


  • There is only one color option

Tie Dyed Shop Shorts  —  Honorable Mention

Made specifically for the tie-dye lover, these loud and proud lounge shorts are fun, comfortable option. Made from heavy-weight cotton material, these shorts have an elastic drawstring waist and two side pockets and give off casual surfer vibes.


  • Have a comfortable draw string closure
  • Can be machine washed


  • There are minimal size options

Goodstoworld Shorts  —  Most Unique

Whether you use them as swim shorts or lounge shorts, these tie-dye board shorts are a great addition to any wardrobe. These shorts make a great swim bottom alternative and pair well with any bikini or athletic top and will get you through the summer with ease. Breathable and lightweight these shorts are also quick-to-dry and have a generous fit.


  • These shorts come with two convenient side pockets
  • Can be worn while swimming or surfing


  • These shorts are not lined

Buying Guide: Tie Dye Shorts

If you want to buy comfy bottoms that will keep you fresh all day, invest in a few pairs of tie-dye shorts. These shorts are a broad genre that includes anything from high-cut denim to Bermuda shorts, with many designs in between. Tie-dye shorts come in a range of shapes, styles, and even fabric mixes, in addition to different sizes. It is not simply an issue of finding the proper size; it is also a concern of selecting shorts that allow you to move easily. Whether you are looking for liberally cut, loose-fitting, or tapered tie-dye shorts, this buying guide has all the necessary information on the top tie-dye shorts in 2022.

How to Find the Best Fit for Your Tie Dye Shorts

Some ladies, like it or not, have not ever purchased a pair of tie-dye shorts. If you are asking how this would be possible, it usually comes down to not being able to find a pair that fits properly.

When shopping for tie-dye shorts, a decent place to start is with a pair that fits your usual pant sizing. Do not be concerned if they are a little tight. Some shorts are actually rather small in size. So, you should size up by 1 or 2 sizes.

If you have discovered some tie-dye shorts that appear and feel amazing, the next step is to put them through some pressure testing. Try sitting, stooping, and stretching to check if you feel comfortable or not. A good-fitting pair of shorts will not pinch into your tummy or ribs while doing all these activities. Nevertheless, shorts that are just too tight can cause severe rashes and irritation on your legs or pelvic region. Another useful technique for choosing well-fitting tie-dye shorts is to go for a brief stroll in these, either at home or in a changing room.

Which Points Should You Consider While Buying Tie Dye Shorts?


Most informal and stylish tie-dye shorts come in sizes Zero through fourteen. Only a few manufacturers sell tie-dye shorts in sizes sixteen and up. One of the most difficult sizes to get in women's tie-dye shorts is size 00, which is shorter than size 0. Sporting tie-dye shorts, on the other hand, are sized differently. Most manufacturers make standard sizes instead of numerical sizes. You might have already noticed that some brands’ large size might be the same size as that of another brands’ medium one. It's normal to have to try on many sizes of sports tie-dye shorts before discovering a comfortable pair.


You often wear low-rise tie-dye shorts on the pelvis, a few inches underneath the navel. Mid-rise tie-dye shorts are often cut just at or around the navel. And high-rise tie-dye shorts are often cut at the narrowest part of the waist. Decide on what you feel comfortable in and the coverage you need, then buy a pair of shorts accordingly.

Which Materials Are Used to Make Tie Dye Shorts?


Cotton and cotton mixes are prominent fabric choices for sporty, leisure, and vacation tie-dye shorts. They are comfy and launder nicely, although they tend to shrink. Cotton and cotton mixes are used to make traditional denim tie-dye shorts.

Synthetic mixes

Sports tie-dye shorts are most commonly made of synthetic mixes of cotton, lira, nylon, elastane, and spandex. These fabrics are well-known for their versatility, high compressive strength, and general endurance. They launder much better than cotton since they do not shrink or discolor.

Which Type of Tie Dye Shorts Should You Buy?


Any tie-dye shorts that may be used for sports activities fall under this category. They comprise a few bike shorts, jogging shorts, surf shorts, and gym tie-dye shorts. These silky shorts let the user move effortlessly, making them an excellent choice for relaxing as well. Since they dry rapidly, sports shorts are also famous as seaside cover-ups.


These are not an actual type of tie-dye shorts; instead, "casual" encompasses designs that do not fit into the sports or jean categories. Casual shorts come in a variety of styles and hues, which makes them an excellent choice for brightening up your spring season outfit. They are normally available in most sizes.

On the negative, finding casual tie-dye shorts in a suitable length might be difficult for certain people. Many of these shorts lack pockets as well. Some pairs of casual shorts, particularly well-made ones from quality manufacturers, may be rather costly.

Price Range of Tie Dye Shorts


Budget-friendly tie-dye shorts range in price from $12 to $30. This category has a few inexpensive, low-quality pairs that will not last long, but it also contains several nice pairs from recognized companies.


These tie-dye shorts range in price from $35 to $60 and generally consist of higher-quality sports shorts as well as more fashionable denim and relaxed tie-dye shorts from well-known brands.


Designer tie-dye shorts often range in price from $70 to $120. Many of these designs, particularly denim and relaxed shorts, are distinguished by vibrant colors and modern features. But, quality might not be the finest, and in some situations, you are just overpaying for the brand value.

How Should You Wear and Take Care of Your Tie Dye Shorts?

You should wash denim tie-dye shorts inside out as these are more prone to fading. Turning them inside out and using color-safe soap and textile softener can help keep the shade for longer. Purchase numerous pairs at the same time. If you love the design and fit within one pair of tie-dye shorts, give yourself a treat and purchase several pairs of different colors.