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Simi Khadra: 5 Things To Know About Bella Hadid’s Pal Caught Kissing The Weeknd

The Weeknd was spotted kissing...not Angelina Jolie but rather his ex Bella Hadid's best friend Simi Khadra. Here's everything you need to know about the DJ of Simi Haze fame.

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Simi Khadra, Bella Hadid
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Simi Khadra has seemingly found herself in a love triangle after she was spotted kissing her former bestie Bella Hadid’s ex The WeekndSimi was there for The Weeknd’s 32nd birthday bash in Las Vegas. Around 2 AM, Simi and The Weeknd were spotted making out like crazy in video footage obtained by TMZ, seemingly confirming rumors that the two have been hooking up. Bella and Simi used to be best friends, but Bella unfollowed her once the rumors surfaced. Here’s everything you need to know about the DJ causing all the drama.

1. Simi is a twin

Simi Khadra, Haze Khadra
Simi and her twin Haze. (Andy Kropa/Invision/AP/Shutterstock)

Simi and her twin Haze are practically inseparable. The Palestinian identical twins have conquered the world of fashion as models and influencers. They got their start at just 14 years old when they attended fashion weeks as buyers for Riyadh-based boutique. The twins had a unique upbringing, splitting their time between Ridyah, London and California. “I think connecting with people is all about understanding that we all come from such a complex arrangement of experiences and cultures,” Simi told GQ of their upbringing. “We need to have an appreciation for that and I think that understanding is the glue.”

They are also proud of their Arab ethnicity. “When someone asks where I’m from, I always say I’m Palestinian first,” Simi told the outlet. “Even though it’s this nebulous kind of thing at a distance, it feels very close. We’re very close to our Arab heritage. I speak Arabic to my family and I go to the Middle East a lot.”

2. Simi is a world-famous DJ

Simi and her twin Haze both spotlight as DJs on the weekends for Hollywood’s most exclusive parties. They go by the single identity of Simi Haze and their joint Instagram account has over 1.4 million followers. The dynamic duo also released an EP on SoundCloud. Ahead of its release, Haze said to expect “summery dance songs with a global sound” during an interview with Vogue. “If we really have fun dancing to it, it’s a song,” Simi added of how they create their music.

3. Simi has a beauty company

Simi Khadra, Bella Hadid
Simi Khadra with her bestie Bella Hadid. (BACKGRID)

Simi and Haze also launched their own beauty company, unsurprisingly dubbed SimiHaze Beauty. Their collection has everything from bright colorful eyeshadow to soft, neutral lip shades. For them, makeup is less about being pretty and more about being creative. “Our discovery of beauty didn’t come from a place of ‘Oh, I have to wear makeup to look pretty,’” Simi told Vogue. “It was more ‘How can we use color in an interesting, fun, and bold way?’ ”

They also hope their makeup empowers others as an outlet to express their confidence. “Growing up, we were always taught that beauty comes from within,” Simi told Forbes upon launching their line. “It’s about how you’re taking care of yourself and loving yourself. It’s about walking into a room and not having makeup wear you, but expressing who you are through your essence and your energy. That’s really the key message of our line. When wearing our makeup, we want you to feel confident and bold.”

4. Simi also has a famous brother 

Simi and Haze have an older brother named Fai Khadra. Just like his sisters, he’s a model and influencer with 2.4 million followers on Instagram. Also, similarly to his sisters, he’s involved in the music industry. He is a singer-songwriter and has written songs for other artists. The model, however, is best known for being in Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s inner circle, often making headlines with them and has even faced rumors of dating both at different times.

5. Simi has friends in high places

Fai isn’t the only one with famous friends. Simi has plenty of famous friends. In addition to Bella Hadid and her ex The Weeknd, she has also been spotted with Kylie and the other Kardashians. Like many in that friend group, she has also hung out with Hailey BieberPlus, after sitting front row at fashion weeks since she was a teenager, it’s safe to say she’s friends with a slew of top designers and famous models.