Robert Finley: 5 Things To Know About The War Veteran With A Powerful Voice On ‘AGT’

Another singer is gracing the stage for the final round of 'AGT' season 14 auditions. Robert Finley, a 65-year-old war veteran, is ready to make his singing dreams come true.

America’s Got Talent is ending the audition process of season 14 with an incredible round of performers. Robert Finley, 65, is one of the contestants who will hit the stage during the July 9 episode. Robert has an amazing voice and will likely go far in the competition. So, who is Robert Finley? This singer has had quite a life.

1. Robert performed an original song for his audition. He sings “Get It While You Can” for the judges and audience. He’s got such a soulful voice and even shows off some dance moves as well. The judges rave over his performance. “You’re a great inspiration and a great talent,” Howie Mandel says. Simon Cowell compares Robert’s voice to “fine wine.”

2. He’s almost totally blind. He started realizing that he was gradually losing his eyesight about 4 years ago. “But the bad thing, sometimes it brings out the best thing,” Robert says in his AGT audition video. “I began to play the music again. It made me reach inside to find myself. It’s like I’m 65 and I’m just coming alive. I’m finally living my childhood dream.”

3. He served in the Vietnam War. He joined the military when he was 18. When the war came to an end, he started a family.

4. He’s already released his debut album. Age Don’t Mean a Thing released in 2016. Prior to his debut album, Robert was the leader of the gospel group Brother Finley and the Gospel Sisters.

5. He has teamed up with Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys. Robert and Dan released an original soundtrack for the graphic novel, Murder Ballads. Robert released another album, Goin’ Platinum!, that was co-written by Dan.

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