Agent Mobius: 5 Key Things To Know About Owen Wilson’s ‘Loki’ Character

Loki crossed paths with Agent Mobius in the first episode of 'Loki,' and now we need to know everything. Here are 5 things you need to know about Owen Wilson's character.

Owen Wilson
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There’s a new Marvel character to love: Owen Wilson’s Agent Mobius. The lovable TVA agent is introduced in the first episode of the Disney+ series Loki. Mobius is going to be a crucial figure in Loki’s life moving forward, whatever that looks like.

So, who is Agent Mobius? The character is going to play a pivotal role on Loki and already appears to be a helpful guide for Loki (and the audience) to all things TVA. HollywoodLife has 5 key things to remember about Mobius.

Owen Wilson
Owen Wilson as Agent Mobius. (Marvel Studios)

1. Agent Mobius works for the TVA. 

We meet Agent Mobius when Loki is taken to the Time Variance Authority after stealing the tesseract when the Avengers go back in time. Mobius tells Loki that he “specializes in the pursuits of dangerous variants.” Loki thinks the TVA is an illusion and there’s no way that those who work for the TVA are “divine arbiters of power in the universe.” However, Mobius tells Loki that’s exactly what the TVA does.

2. Mobius gives Loki a chance.

Loki is set to stand trial for his offenses after branching off the Sacred Timeline, but Mobius intervenes before Loki is “reset” in the proper flow of time. Mobius thinks Loki can help him find a fugitive variant who is killing TVA minutemen. Turns out, this fugitive variant is another version of Loki.

3. Mobius works for the Time-Keepers. 

The Time-Keepers oversee the TVA. The Time-Keepers brought peace after a multiversal war when they organized the multiverse into a single timeline known as the Sacred Timeline. The Time-Keepers, according to the explanation video Loki watched, “protect and preserve the proper flow of time for everyone and everything.” The Time-Keepers created the TVA and its workers to make sure another multiversal war doesn’t happen and set time back on its “predetermined path” when variants veer off the timeline the Time-Keepers created. Mobius later explains that the TVA doesn’t just know someone’s past, they know how someone’s future will pan out.

Owen Wilson
Owen Wilson and Tom Hiddleston in ‘Loki.’ (Marvel Studios)

4. Mobius is from the Marvel comics.

The character of Mobius first appeared in a Fantastic Four comic in 1991. Agent Mobius’ look in Loki is inspired by Marvel Comics editor Mark Gruenwald, according to Gizmodo. In the comics, every TVA employee was a clone of Gruenwald.

5. Mobius is connected to the Fantastic Four.

When Mobius is introduced in the comics, the character originally crosses paths with the Fantastic Four. He confronted the Fantastic Four about violating the TVA’s laws. The Fantastic Four have yet to be introduced within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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