Micah Iverson: 5 Things To Know About The Alt Rock Singer Competing On ‘The Voice’

'The Voice' season 18 is gearing up to be the best yet! Micah Iverson stuns the coaches with his swoonworthy rendition of a Kodaline song during the final round of blind auditions.

The Voice season 18 truly has one-of-a-kind talent. Micah Iverson hits the stage during the March 16 episode of The Voice and impresses the judges with his incredible vocals. This singer, who hails from Tokyo, definitely has what it takes to be a frontrunner this season. So, who is Micah Iverson? HollywoodLife has rounded up key facts you need to know about him.

1. Micah performs Kodaline’s “All I Want” for the coaches. Just a few seconds into his performance, Kelly Clarkson says, “Oh, I love this already.” It doesn’t take her long to turn her chair for Micah. Blake Shelton and Nick Jonas soon follow Kelly’s lead. This song is the perfect one for Micah because it highlights his incredible voice. John Legend doesn’t turn his chair but admits that he regrets not doing so. “Your tone has this lovely, ethereal-like presence,” he tells Micah.

2. Dashboard Confessional is one of his musical inspirations. When Kelly asks him what musicians inspire him, he names the band as well as Death Cab for Cutie. Back in 2017, Micah went to a Dashboard Confessional concert and posted about it on his Instagram page. “A dream came true when I finally saw @dashboardconfessional live this weekend. He is part of the reason I do music at all,” he wrote.

3. He was part of an a cappella group in college. Micah attended the University of Virginia and was a member of The Virginia Gentlemen, UVA’s oldest a cappella group.

4. He’s been to Antarctica! When he was president of The Virginia Gentlemen in 2016, Micah traveled to Antarctica. Micah and the rest of the a cappella group traveled to the chilly continent to make history. By making it to Antarctica, that means The Virginia Gentlemen traveled to all 7 continents in the group’s 63-year history. “The place was teeming with life. It wasn’t what I expected,” Micah told UVA Today.

5. He comes from a musical family. In 2014, Micah revealed on Instagram that he had found a “collection of original copies of my great grandfather’s hymns.” Some of the hymns were unfinished and Micah said it was going to be his “new summer project.”

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