Katie Mills: 5 Things To Know About JoJo Siwa’s New GF After They Have Date Night At Lakers Game

It seems like the viral star may have found a new partner, and the pair sat courtside as they took on the Phoenix Suns.

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It’s been a little over a month since Jojo Siwa publicly addressed her breakup from Kylie Prew on October 20. The 18-year-old Dancing With The Stars runner-up was spotted sitting decked out in Lakers gear with Katie Mills. While it’s not clear if the two are an item, they certainly look close, as they enjoyed the NBA game together on Tuesday December 21. Here are five things you need to know about Katie Mills, and their experience at the Lakers game.

1. Katie joined Jojo at the Lakers game

Jojo shared tons of clips of herself and Katie sitting front and center at the Los Angeles Lakers game. The internet star, who rose to fame on Dance Moms, sported a purple Lakers jersey and jeans, as well as some team socks and black sneakers. Katie rocked a black Lakers shirt with a purple undershirt and Nike sneakers. Jojo filmed the empty arena as they arrived. “We’re the first people here for sure. Nailed it,” she said. The two also showed off their snacks, and seemed like they were having a great time together.

2. They almost got injured at the Lakers game

While most people don’t think they might end up part of the game when going to an NBA game, Jojo and Katie nearly got knocked back when one of the Phoneix Suns players was diving to try to knock a ball back in bounds. He flew right by Jojo (who ducked) and he fell right over the empty seat next to her. Jojo shared the terrifying incident on her TikTok. “When I tell you my life flashed before my eyes,” she captioned the video.

Jojo also talked about what would’ve happened if she didn’t duck. Katie mentioned that she would’ve broken her neck or her shoulders. “If I wouldn’t have ducked, I would’ve been out. Down for the count!” Jojo said. “Honestly, it’s really entertained. Really spiced up the day.”

Jojo and Katie sat courtside for the Lakers-Suns game. (London Entertainment/Shutterstock)

3. She joined Jojo for a TikTok dance

While players warmed up for the game, Jojo and Katie did a TikTok dance together to the song “Get Into It” by Doja Cat. While they did some of the same moves, Katie quickly moved out of the way and gave Jojo the spotlight. Jojo wrote that it was her “favorite TikTok dance of all time.”

4. She’s a college student

Katie has mostly kept a low profile on social media, but she did announce that she signed to go to Snow College in Ephraim, Utah in December 2020 on her Instagram. “So excited to be a badger!” she wrote in the caption, along with blue and orange hearts.

Jojo and Katie shared lots of laughs as they watched the game. (London Entertainment/Shutterstock)

5. Jojo made a cameo in one of her TikToks

Katie hasn’t just made appearances on Jojo’s TikTok and Instagram Story. Katie is a TikToker herself and has shared tons of videos of her lip-syncing to popular audios in the front seat of her car, plus some of her doing popular dances. Jojo made her first appearance, with the two girls doing a dance together to “You’re a Jerk” by New Boyz in a Tuesday December 21 video. The pair were standing on a deck on a beach, and they hugged before doing moves, and Katie showed off her own dancing skills.