Carolyn Wiger: 5 Things To Know About The ‘Survivor’ Season 44 Finalist & Fan-Favorite

Carolyn Wiger has a one in five chance at winning 'Survivor 44.' Here's five things to know about the fan-favorite of the season.

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Carolyn Wiger
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  • Carolyn Wiger is one of the five finalists heading into ‘Survivor 44’ finale.
  • She’s been a fan-favorite on the show.
  • She’s a drug counselor.

Carolyn Wiger has been the fan-favorite on Survivor 44 thanks to her quirky personality. Carolyn exceeded expectations by finding an idol and being part of the dominant Tika alliance. The fans are really rooting for Carolyn heading into the finale, where she has a great chance at winning the $1 million prize. But it remains to be seen if the jury will take Carolyn seriously enough to give her the win. Here’s everything you need to know about Carolyn Wiger.

Carolyn Wiger
Carolyn Wiger (Photo: Paramount+)

Carolyn is from Minnesota.

Carolyn is from North Saint Paul, Minnesota. She now lives in the city of Hugo, which is about 18 miles north of downtown St. Paul. Carolyn’s fellow Survivor cast members Frannie Marin and Sarah Wade are from Minnesota, as well.

She’s a drug counselor.

Carolyn works as a drug counselor. She told Parade magazine that she works “specifically in the jails.”

She battled addiction.

Carolyn’s current career stems from her past battle with addiction. “I spent a lot of years not knowing who I was, not liking the person that I saw in the mirror,” she told Parade. “Addiction is torture on your brain. And I spent so many years in therapy, going and looking at myself, looking at all of the parts that I didn’t like or wasn’t proud of. And I feel like I did the work to get to where I am today and be a person that I can be proud of. At 35 years old, I’m okay with who I am.”

Carolyn Wiger
Carolyn Wiger on ‘Survivor 44’ (Photo: Paramount+)

Her father is a politician.

Carolyn’s father is Chuck Wiger, a member of the Minnesota Senate. He represents District 43 in the state, on behalf of the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party. Chuck has five kids, including Carolyn.

She’s queer.

Carolyn confirmed that she’s pansexual on Twitter after the Survivor 44 cast was announced. She’s one of six queer contestants on this season, the others being Frannie Marin, Claire Rafson, Josh Wilder, Matthew Grinstead-Mayle, and Yam Yam Arocho.