AJ Crimson: 5 Things To Know About The Celeb Makeup Artist Who Has Sadly Died

The beauty and makeup icon has passed away unexpectedly. Find out everything you need to know about AJ Crimson.

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AJ Crimson has sadly died. The makeup artist’s death was first reported by The Shade Room and later confirmed by his family. “AJ Crimson was a makeup industry leader that set a standard of beauty that was elevated, beautiful and accessible to all people of color,” his family told Entertainment Tonight. “We as a family are heartbroken and devastated by his passing, but thankful for the lessons that he laid on each of us with his truth, directness and leadership. We thank you for all your kind words, tweets and posts, as AJ was an inspiration to us as much as he was a bright light to the rest of the world. There are no words that can sum up his whole.”

The beauty icon and entrepreneur was a fixture in the entertainment industry, and his work was featured in a number of different projects and worn by many different celebrities. He will be incredibly missed by both the stars he worked with and the fans that he created great beauty products for. Find out everything you need to know about AJ here.

1. AJ Did Makeup For Various Celebrities

Through the years, AJ has worked hard to “enhance the natural beauty” that many stars have, as the bio on his website put it! The artist worked with tons of different stars and did makeup for them over the years. Hilary Duff, Raven-Symoné, Missy Elliotand Fergie are just a few of the stars that the AJ Crimson Beauty website boasts that he worked with.

AJ’s death was announced on Thursday March 31. (SplashNews)

2. AJ’s Beauty Products Have Been Used In Various Shows & Movies

Besides working with celebrities, AJ’s work could also be seen onscreen on TVs and in movie theaters across the country. His bio explains that his makeup has been used on The View, The Real, American Horror Story, Scandal, and many other TV shows. Other than television, AJ’s art was also used in The Hunger Games.

3. AJ Started His Own Company In 2012

After  making his name working with stars, AJ wanted to share his abilities with the rest of the world, and he launched AJ Crimson Beauty in 2012, per The SunIt wasn’t until a year later that he went on to release his first line. Now his websites boasts tons of products including brushes, artist kits, and much more.

He opened up about the key to his success in an interview with Behind the Scenes Beauty. “You got to just do your own thing. You’ve got to have tunnel vision. You got to believe in your own thing, because nobody’s going to believe in it  more than you,” he said.

AJ made a name for himself doing makeup for celebrities. (Picture Perfect/Shutterstock)

4. Many Of AJ’s Products Are Vegan & Cruelty-Free

AJ has shown his care for animals by his products being vegan and cruelty-free. On the ingredients page for his website, the brand explains, “None of our products are made from animals or tested on animals, and our manufacturing facilities are listed as PETA safe.” Many of his brushes also list that they’re made from vegan fiber on the website.

5. AJ’s Cause Of Death Is Unknown

While a few people have shared tributes to AJ, the details of his passing are still sparse. Many fans and friends tweeted their condolences since his death, but his family haven’t shared more about how he died, and it’s not clear if he was facing health issues prior to his passing.

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