Happy 95th Birthday, Queen Elizabeth II: Look Back At Her Most Stylish Outfits

It's Queen Elizabeth II's landmark 95th birthday and to commemorate the occasion, we're looking back through history at the longest reigning British monarch's most stunning fashion moments!

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Queen Elizabeth II
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Queen Elizabeth II is 95 years old today, April 21, and she is as fit as can be! The longest reigning British monarch still regularly attends events and engagements, and she always looks stylish while doing so. Although she is staying safely in Buckingham Palace amid safety precautions during the global COVID-19 outbreak, when Her Majesty is attending events, she’s known for her bright-colored suits, jackets and hats, and she always stands out.

The Queen finds a way to make her wardrobe look chic and contemporary while harkening back to classic cuts and trims! We’ve made sure to include examples of such iconic looks in HollywoodLife’s attached gallery above. We also wanted to put the spotlight on a few of her most iconic looks throughout the years in the rest of the article below:

Queen Elizabeth II’s Style In Her Younger Years

queen elizabeth ii
Queen Elizabeth II in ceremonial attire during the early years of her reign [Shutterstock].
When Queen Elizabeth II was younger, she changed up her looks much more often than she does now. She wore detailed dresses, along with fur shawls and intricately-designed capes for several years. Back then, she also wore super bold and stylish jewelry, as well. Some of Queen Elizabeth II’s most fantastic and dazzling looks came amidst ceremonies and formal occasions like the image above. Here, the Queen wore a simple gown that was covered by an ornate cape with pendants, sashes, jewels and various detailing throughout. The young monarch truly looked regal in her ensemble.

Queen Elizabeth II’s Fashion In The Later Half Of The 20th Century

Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth in a blue dress and a coordinating hat in 1971. [Shutterstock]
As the years have gone on, Queen Elizabeth II’s style adapted to the times. Throughout the years, her gowns and formal wear matched the mood and the fashions of the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, and so on. Her Majesty is pictured above in 1971, where she wore a navy blue dress reminiscent of the era while out and about in the United Kingdom.

Queen Elizabeth II’s Monochrome Outfits Of The 2010’s

queen elizabeth ii
Queen Elizabeth II planting a tree during a visit to the NIAB — National Institute of Agricultural Botany — on July 9, 2019 [Shutterstock].
As the Queen matured, Her Majesty became drawn to the various hues and monochromatic looks that she is frequently spotted in now. They never go out of style, and, furthermore, they haven’t aged the Queen in the least. Just take a look at the photo above: The Queen appears as vibrant as she did when she ascended to the throne in the ’40s while wearing a coat and coordinating top hat in the brightest shade of pink to visit the National Institute of Agricultural Botany on July 9, 2019.

Queen Elizabeth II’s Quarantine Style

Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth II attends her first public engagement of 2021 in a bright green coat and flower-adorned hat on March 31, 2021. [Shutterstock]
As the COVID-19 pandemic escalated in March of 2020, Queen Elizabeth II didn’t let the solemn situation of the world dim her wardrobe. She wore a bright lime green outfit (which she wore once before to the Royal Ascot in 2019) for the 100th anniversary of the Royal Australian Air Force on March 31, 2021, which marked Her Majesty’s first public engagement of 2021. Lime green is a significant color in Queen Elizabeth II’s wardrobe; she famously wore the color to attend Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s wedding in 2018.