Owen Wilson’s Brothers: Everything To Know About His Siblings, Luke & Andrew

Owen Wilson grew up the middle child between two brothers, and all three have found their niche in Hollywood. Learn all about Owen's brothers Luke and Andrew, here!

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owen wilson siblings
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Actor Owen Wilson may be back in the spotlight with a starring role in Jennifer Lopez‘s new rom-com Marry Me, his career has been going strong for decades. And behind him every step of the way? Older brother Andrew Wilson and younger brother Luke Wilson. Though the three siblings grew up in Dallas, Texas, all of them have made their own names in Hollywood and beyond. From sitting front-row at each other’s premieres to collaborating behind the scenes, these brothers support each other, no matter when or where. Learn everything you need to know about the talented and close-knit trio, below.

owen wilson siblings
Owen Wilson has two brothers, Luke and Andrew, both of whom have also made careers onscreen. (Eric Charbonneau/Shutterstock)

Andrew Wilson

andrew wilson
Owen’s oldest brother Andrew Wilson is an actor and director and has often starred alongside his brothers. (Blitz Pictures/Shutterstock)

The eldest of the bunch, Andrew Wilson was born to parents Laura and Robert Wilson in 1964. An actor and director himself, Andrew has had his fair share of roles, acting in films like the Drew-Barrymore directed Whip It, Fever Pitch with Jimmy Fallon, and 2017’s Time Trap. Throughout his career, Andrew has shared the screen with his brothers on many occasions. Andrew has had a role in multiple Wes Anderson films alongside Owen, including Bottle RocketRushmore, and The Royal Tenenbaums.

In 2006’s Idiocracy, Andrew shared the screen with his brother Luke. With 2005’s The Wendell Baker Story, Andrew was able to combine all his passions: directing, acting, and collaborating with his brothers. Andrew co-directed the film with Luke, who also had a starring role alongside Owen. With Eva Mendes and Kris Kristofferson rounding out the cast, the movie even fittingly premiered in the brothers’ home state of Texas, at the 2005 South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin.

Luke Wilson

luke wilson
Owen’s youngest brother Luke Wilson has had a lengthy acting career that has even seen him play Reese Witherspoon’s love interest in ‘Legally Blonde.’ (Andrew H. Walker/Shutterstock)

Though Luke may have been born with two big pairs of shoes to fill, the successful actor and director has had no problem making his own way in the industry. Even the most casual film fan may remember Luke for his starring role in Legally Blonde as Emmett, the know-it-all law student who eventually captures the heart of Reese Witherspoon‘s iconic Elle Woods.

Luke’s also done critically acclaimed work in some less-famous movies as well, including Henry Poole Is Here, Death at a Funeral, and The Goldfinch alongside Ansel Elgort. Along with inheriting his brothers’ passion for film, Luke also shares their penchant for collaborating together. He even revealed plans to Larry King in 2014 for a Wright Brother’s biopic he and Owen had written, but nothing has been released…yet.

owen wilson luke wilson andrew wilson
Owen, Luke, and Andrew share a passion for collaborating and are pictured here at the premiere of ‘The Wendell Baker Story,’ which all three worked on. (Eric Charbonneau/Shutterstock)

Whether an unreleased Wright Brothers biopic or a classic like The Royal Tenenbaums, the Wilson brothers have shown time and time again they’re at their best together. Supporting each other’s endeavors and working together whenever they can, this trio proves sibling rivalry really can be all love.