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National Cheese Pizza Day: Emily Ratajkowski, Bella Hadid & More Stars Eating Cheesy Slices

September 5 is National Cheese Pizza Day, and we're celebrating by taking a look at stars who've publicly indulged in the cheesy treat over the years!

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emily ratajkowski
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Image Credit: LRNYC / MEGA

Happy National Cheese Pizza Day! There’s nothing like a good slice of plain pizza — just ask stars like Heidi Klum, Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski and more. These stars have been photographed chowing down on pizza, and we rounded up the pics in the gallery above.

emily ratajkowski
Emilly Ratajkowski eats pizza while out in New York City. (LRNYC / MEGA)

Emily may have one of the most enviable figures in Hollywood, but even she likes to indulge in greasy foods every once in a while. Emily and her husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, live in New York City, so they’re no stranger to the legendary slices that the Big Apple has to offer. The model/actress was photographed eating a slice right on the streets of NYC while out for a stroll with her man, and she had no shame when it came to digging right into the pizza!

bella hadid
Bella Hadid eats pizza while hanging out with a friend in Rome. (MEGA)

Bella is another model who isn’t afraid to indulge when the time is right. In 2017, she was photographed hanging out with a pal in Italy, and she had a fresh slice of pizza in her hand. Bella may watch what she eats when she’s gearing up for a photo shoot or a runway show, but she’s proof that you can still eat pizza and look amazing, too!

chrissy teigen
Chrissy Teigen delivers pizza to paparazzi outside her home. (Bris / MEGA)

Chrissy Teigen may love putting together home-cooked meals for her family (and sharing the recipes with her fans), but even she gets a pizza delivery every once in a while! During summer 2020, Chrissy even shared her pizza pies with the paparazzi who were camped outside her home in California. She was photographed carrying the pies outside and grinning behind her mask, which she wore for protection amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Pizza has even been integral in movies. Julia Roberts‘ character in Eat, Pray Love, Liz Gilbert, discovers the pleasure of nourishment when she lands in Naples and devours a Margherita pizza. There’s something so joyous about eating a doughy, cheesy concoction, so here’s to the classic cheese pizza! Head up to the gallery above to see more celebrities chowing down on pie slices before running out and getting one for yourself, too. Happy National Cheese Pizza Day!