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National Best Friends Day: Pics Of Hailey, Kendall & More Of The Cutest Celeb Besties

In honor of National Best Friends Day on June 8, check out photos of our favorite pairs of celeb BFFs, including Kendall/Hailey, Selena/Taylor and more!

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Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber
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It’s National Best Friends Day! June 8 is the perfect day to celebrate all of your besties, and we rounded up some of our favorite celebrity friendship duos for the occasion. Forging long-lasting friendships in Hollywood certainly can’t be easy, but these stars have managed to keep their pals around for years. Whether they’ve met through childhood, work or just at industry events, these pairs have stayed true to their friendships. Check out some of our fave celeb besties below, as well as more in the gallery above!

Kendall Jenner & Hailey Bieber

kendall jenner hailey bieber
Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber at an event. (Kelly Taub/BFA/Shutterstock)

Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber are practically inseparable. While they’ve come up on the modeling circuit together and worked together over the years, these two were actually friends before they were superstars. Actually, Hailey was friends with Kylie Jenner before she got super close with Kendall, while Kendall was closer with Hailey’s cousin, Ireland Baldwin, first. “Hailey lived in New York and whenever we were there we would hang out with her,” Kendall told ELLE in 2018. “From then on, she was my homie.”

Although “Kylie was mad” at first, according to Kendall, they managed to work through it. “I had to bring them back together and be like, ‘No, it’s okay, guys,'” Kendall recalled. “But it’s all good. That’s our love story.” Kylie and Hailey are still friendly to this day, as well. Both sisters were at Hailey’s wedding to Justin Bieber in 2018.

Taylor Swift & Selena Gomez

taylor swift selena gomez
Taylor and Selena at the Grammys. (Jim Smeal/Shutterstock)

Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez have been best friends for more than a decade. The pair first met in 2008 when they dated Joe and Nick Jonas, respectively. Selena opened up about how they started their friendship while dating the two JoBros during an interview with KISS FM. “It was amazing, because she was the girl with the big curly hair and all the bracelets and the cowboy boots. And I was definitely up-and-coming, and we just clicked. It was the best thing we got out of those relationships,” she said.

These two are still going strong to this day. Selena was seen in the crowd at one of Taylor’s Eras Tour concerts in March 2023. During a 2022 interview, Selena also opened up about how significant her friendship with Taylor is. “I never fit in with the cool group of girls that were celebrities,” she told Rolling Stone. “My only friend in the industry really is Taylor, so I remember feeling like I didn’t belong.”

Jennifer Aniston & Courteney Cox

jennifer aniston courteney cox
Jennifer and Courteney on the red carpet. (Jim Ruymen/UPI/Shutterstock)

One of the longest-standing celeb friendships is the one between Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox. The ladies met on the set of Friends in the 90s, and have stayed besties to this day. Jennifer is the godmother of Courteney’s only daughter, Coco Arquette, too. The women have supported each other at professional events over the years, and often hang out away from the public eye. Of course, their fellow Friends bestie, Lisa Kudrow, is often in the mix, as well!

There are plenty of other close celebrity friendships where these come from. Check out more famous besties in the gallery above.