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Julia Fox’s Biggest Revelations About Kanye West, Her Career & More From Her Memoir ‘Down the Drain’

In the model's new memoir, 'Down the Drain,' she opens up about everything from her career to her highly publicized fling with Kanye West.

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Julia Fox
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Julia Fox quickly transformed into a fashion icon, primarily during her brief romance with rapper Kanye “Ye” West. Now, the actress and model is giving readers a glimpse into their relationship, her career goals and personal life in her upcoming memoir, Down the Drain, which will be available on Tuesday, October 10. 

Keep reading to find out everything that Julia included in her book. 

Her Desire to ‘Fade Into Obscurity’ 

Prior to the release of her memoir, Julia sat down with The New York Times to unpack the full book. When it comes to her career, Julia revealed that she wants to step out of the public eye. 

“Ultimately, my goal is to fade into obscurity and write scripts, develop movies, TV shows, maybe children’s books,” she told the publication in an interview that was published on September 25. “I would like to be able to hole up somewhere and write at my leisure.” 

The Italy native’s comment surprised many since because she is known for her epic and public fashion statements. Apart from modeling, Julia is known for her role in Uncut Gems, and she plans to continue acting in the near future. 

“I’m doing a movie this month,” she revealed. “I have my upcycling fashion show that I’m so excited to do because I love young designers. It’s a dream to be able to give them a platform. I also wrote a movie with my friend [Sara Apple].” 

Julia’s Relationship With Kanye West

In one portion of her book, Julia describes her romance with the “Jesus Walks” rapper. During her NYT interview, the New York City resident noted that their romance “wasn’t really about” sex “because there, like, wasn’t any.” 

Julia also revealed that she and Ye ended their relationship on bad terms. After ignoring the model at her birthday party in 2022, he allegedly texted her, “If you loved me, you would support me,” and then called her after speaking with ex-wife Kim Kardashian. After pointing out that he “discovered a lot of information” about Julia, including being a “drug addict,” she allegedly texted him, “Maybe if you listened more. And not to mention, so were you!”

After breaking up with him, Julia claimed in her book that she received texts and calls from Kanye demanding her to sign an NDA. After allegedly texting her, “I can’t be friends with you if you don’t sign it,” Julia wrote back, “I’ll live.”

Apart from their split, Julia claimed that Ye kissed her “passionately” right after peeing outside during their first meeting on the dance floor.

“Once he zips his pants back up, he puts his arms around me and pulls me in close, kissing me passionately,” Julia wrote in the memoir. “He doesn’t care about the boys in the parking lot or the fact that at any moment someone could take a picture of us.”

How Sex Is ‘the Truth’ 

During her interview, Julia explained that she included sexual details about other relationships because she “felt like it was the truth.” 

“Why not write it?” she asked the publication. “I have this thing where, in my personal writing, I don’t go into as much detail as I could. I’m like: ‘This crazy thing happened. OK, moving on.’ So, I made it a point to put the reader in the room. I didn’t want to skip over things. So, maybe some things are too detailed.”

In an excerpt from her memoir, Julia wrote that she can “finally walk around without getting honked at or catcalled. It’s as if I’ve been living as a slave to the male gaze all my life, and I’m enjoying this newfound freedom.” 

While speaking with the NYT, the No Sudden Move star acknowledged that when she wrote her book, she had “lost a lot of weight” and received comments about how she “lost [her curves] and that her “butt is gone, that I look crazy with my eyebrows, that I’m uglifying myself on purpose [sic].” 

“It was incessant,” Julia noted. “Obviously, I know there are men who would totally hook up with me in a heartbeat, but it’s not what defines me anymore. Before, that was my identity: the hot girl. That’s not me anymore.” 

Birkin Bag Drama

Julia once received an expensive Birkin bag from Ye and clarified during her interview that she “of course” still has it. However, she revealed in her book that she sold a separate Birkin bag in the past. 

“That was a Birkin that an older rich man had bought for me,” she told the publication. “It was enough money to get a car and live in Louisiana for six months, and then I blew through it all and had to come home. But you can get far with Birkin money.” 

When it comes to “having nice things,” Julia emphasized that she also understands “the burden that comes with it” because “you’re constantly guarding your things.” 

“You’re paranoid about your things, you’re getting insurance on your things,” she continued. “Things get stolen or they get damaged, and it’s totally out of your control. I don’t put my self-worth in my things anymore. I’d rather wear some young up-and-coming designer that nobody knows than a full Dior outfit.”