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Jane Fonda Through the Years: See Photos Of Iconic Actress & Activist Then & Now On Her 83rd Birthday

It's hard to believe it, but Jane Fonda is 83! The actress and activist is also one of the most stylish fashion icons in Hollywood history -- celebrate with her most glamorous looks of all time.

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Jane Fonda
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Actress, activist, icon: is there anything Jane Fonda can’t do? At 83 years old, the Grace and Frankie star is just as dedicated to her work as she was in the 1960s. The daughter of legendary actor Henry Fonda, Jane started making a name for herself with her first film in 1960, Tall Story. From that film debut, to her 1980s workout video phase, to her current career era, her styles and favored looks have changed quite a bit over the past decades.

When she started her film career in the 1960s, she starred in a variety of film genres — everything from westerns (like Cat Ballou), to romances, and tearjerkers. She was perhaps best known for Barbarella, an ultra risqué sci-fi flick in which she played a sexy space explorer finding love throughout the galaxy. But offscreen? She was the girl next door. Jane favored pearls and curls, and a few mod outfits. She kept her hair a reddish-brown color, as you can see below.

Jane Fonda
Jane Fonda in a 1965 portrait (AP)

As she grew as an actress and a social justice activist, Jane’s looks changed, as well. Her finger always on the pulse, Jane’s hairstyles changed with the decades. In the 1970s, she went with tousled and long blonde locks. In the 1980s, she went all in with voluminous perms, including while doing her infamous workout tapes. In her later years, Jane has opted to keep her hair blonde and cropped, including on Grace and Frankie.

It was a plot point that people couldn’t believe her character, Grace, was actually 80 years old. Fans were loving when Jane decided to reveal her grey hair at the 2020 Academy Awards. Jane walked out onstage to present the Best Picture Award to Parasite, dressed to the nines in a glittery gown, her hair perfectly silver.

Jane Fonda
Jane Fonda at the 2018 Academy Awards (AP)

It’s hard to believe how Jane Fonda is just as stunning in 2020 as she was in 1960s. Scroll through the gallery above to see photos of Jane from 1965 to now, and see how gorgeously she’s transformed over the past decades. Eighty-three is just a number!