Halle Berry & More Stars Urge Americans To ‘Breathe’ As Election Results Remain Uncertain

As ballots are still being counted across America, stars like Halle Berry, Viola Davis and more are taking to social media with soothing messages and memes amid the waiting game.

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Election day has come and gone, but the president of the United States has not yet been announced as votes are still being counted. This has left countless citizens in uneasy anticipation, so multiple celebrities like Halle Berry, Viola Davis and Nikki Reed have tried to calm fans’ nerves with tips, hopeful messages and humorous posts. You can check them out below, as it may take anywhere between days and weeks to announce that either Joe Biden or Donald Trump will be the commander in chief due to a record-breaking number of voters who sent in mail-in ballots for the 2020 election.

Halle Berry


Halle Berry — who has worked with her home state of Ohio to increase votes from the LGBTQ community and allies — encouraged her 6.6 million Instagram followers to take a break from the screens and step outside! The Catwoman star shared a photo of a cactus and quoted Angie Weiland-Crosby, captioning the photo, “Nature is the purest portal to inner-peace.” Then in her own words, Halle added, “May we all take time today to step outside, take a breath, and re-connect to our natural surroundings.”

Viola Davis


Viola Davis is providing fans much-needed comic relief during this tense time. The How To Get Away with Murder star shared a photo of The Grinch star Christine Baranski partaking in an activity that we’re all doing right now: pouring a glass of wine. “Too early?” Viola asked in her caption (the answer is no).


As voters fear of ballot tampering, Viola also shared a clip of TikTok comedian @ytietofficial singing numbers and jokingly wrote, “The only person I trust to count the remaining ballots.”

Nikki Reed


Nikki Reed had a book suggestion for fans to distract themselves from their television screens and Twitter feeds. The Twilight star shared a photo of her hardcover copy of All We Can Save: Truth, Courage, and Solutions for the Climate Crisis, which is a collection of essays written by women about the climate movement.

In her caption, Nikki wrote, “While we sit here trying not to lose our minds, let’s take a second to appreciate @allwecansave – an anthology of wisdom from women climate leaders – edited by the amazing @ayanaeliza (Dr Ayana Elizabeth Johnson) This is we all need to be reading right now regardless of what political party you stand with. [Earth emoji]. We can and will remain divided on a number of issues, but the future, health and wellbeing of our planet and her guests shouldn’t be one of them.”

John Legend

John Legend shared a hopeful message by making a comparison to the 2020 presidential election to the 2018 midterm elections. “This feels like 2018. A lot of stress and premature takes until all the votes were counted and the democrats did quite well. Let them count,” the Grammy-winning singer tweeted.

Meghan McCain

Meghan McCain also opted for the humor route like some of the stars on the list. The talk show host, who is known for bringing conservative views on The View but voted for Democratic presidential nominee Biden, shared a meme from the HBO show Succession in which a character asks, “What’s the vote?” and wrote, “My current energy…”

John McCain’s daughter shared another meme of the United States, streaked with multiple Crayon colors. “Here is what we know so far!” the meme read, as some states seemingly have bounced back between being “red” and “blue” as the votes are tallied up.

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