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Catelynn Lowell’s Children : Meet The ‘Teen Mom’ Star’s 4 Kids

After making her debut on '16 and Pregnant,' Catelynn Lowell's journey as a mom has been in the spotlight. Find out more about her four kids here!

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Catelynn Lowell’s journey through parenthood has been well-documented. The reality star made her debut in 2009 as one of the stars of 16 and Pregnant. Catelynn’s relationship with her now-husband Tyler Baltierra and her children has been followed, especially after she joined the MTV spin-off series Teen Mom and Teen Mom OG. Catelynn, 30, and Tyler, 30, have had four children together. Find out more about all of them here.

Catelynn and Tyler pose for a photo together. (Shutterstock)

Carolyn Elizabeth Davis

Catelynn’s eldest daughter Carolyn, 13, was born in 2009. Her pregnancy with Carolyn (also known as “Carly”) was what launched her into the national spotlight. Shortly after Carolyn was born, Tyler and Catelynn decided to put her up for adoption. Her adoptive parents Brandon and Theresa are clearly happy that they were able to take in the baby girl. Even though Carly is being raised by Brandon and Theresa, Catelynn and Tyler still maintain a relationship with their daughter. Despite keeping in touch with Carolyn, the pair have been open that her adoptive parents are in charge. Even though Carolyn’s birth is what brought Catelynn and Tyler to national attention, it seems that her life is mostly kept private since her adoption.

Unfortunately, there was a large gap between visits in recent years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The pair’s reunion with their eldest after the pandemic was filmed for Teen Mom OGs, and they got emotional when saying “Goodbye” to Carolyn at the end of the visit. The reality star opened up about the reunion in an interview with E! News. “I think it’s awesome to be able to show the journey of an open, semi-open adoption through the years and the ups and the downs and learning and navigating this relationship,” she told the outlet.

Novalee Reign Baltierra

After giving up their first daughter for adoption, Catelynn and Tyler stayed together and eventually got married in 2015. That same year, they welcomed their second daughter, who they’ve raised together, Novalee, 7. While her older sister is mostly kept private, Catelynn regularly shares photos of Novalee on her social media, whether it’s school photos or showing that her daughter has taken an interest in cheerleading. Ahead of her daughter’s birthday in 2022, Catelynn shared a throwback photo of her daughter to show how much she’s grown up in 7 years. “Can’t believe my second born is going to be 7 tomorrow,” she wrote in the Instagram caption. “Man does time fly I love you my Novalee.”

Vaeda Luma Baltierra

After tying the knot and starting to raise their second daughter together, Catelynn and Tyler had their third baby girl Vaeda, 3, in 2019. Like with her big sister, the Teen Mom star regularly posts pictures of Vaeda on her social media, including documenting her experiences, like her first time seeing fireworks or adorable shots of her and her big sister.

Rya Rose Baltierra

After having Vaeda, Tyler and Catelynn had tried to have their fourth and final baby. Before welcoming their fourth child, Catelynn had two very difficult pregnancies, which both ended in miscarriages. Each time she was very open about how heartbroken she was to lose the baby each time. After her second miscarriage, she explained that it was heartbreaking, especially after Carolyn was adopted when she was still a teen. “It just sucks because we were really excited. The reason why I got triggered when I had the first miscarriage was because it was losing a child all over again. And that trauma from being 16 years old and handing your child away to somebody really got triggered, and it brought up all sorts of emotions,” she said in an episode of the show. Even though she went through both miscarriages, she did get a tattoo of a baby angel to honor both pregnancies in December 2020. “Getting this little cutie on me today for our two angels in heaven,” she wrote on Instagram.

After her two heartbreaking miscarriages, Catelynn welcomed her fourth baby Rya, 1, in August 2021. After welcoming her youngest, Catelynn admitted that she doesn’t have plans for more kids in an episode of Teen Mom OGs. “My body has carried four kids — I am done,” she said.