Tyler Baltierra & Catelynn Lowell Defend Being Late To Visit Adopted Daughter Carly, 10, On ‘Teen Mom OG’

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra visited the daughter they gave up for adoption…and they were late? The ‘Teen Mom OG’ stars say there was a good reason for their tardiness!

Tyler Baltierra Catelynn Lowell Defend Being Late Carly Teen Mom OG
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In one of the more emotional moments of the Aug. 19 episode of Teen Mom OG, Tyler Baltierra, 27, and Catelynn Baltierra (née Lowell, 27) visited the 10-year-old Carly, the girl they gave up for adoption in 2009. It was their first visit in years, and while it meant a lot to both of them to see Carly, they were late. Some viewers were a bit shocked by this, but the couple defended their tardiness online. Yes, we were late to our visit with Carly,” Tyler tweeted. “But you should have seen the amount of joy she had when she saw that scrapbook & our handwritten letters!”

It’s true – Tyler and Catelynn were late because they were putting the finishing touches on a scrapbook for Carly. “Adopted kids treasure handwritten words & pics from their birth parents & it was very special to her! So glad we did it in person!” he added, and Catelynn weighed in on this so-called-scandal. “Yep, we were late! By like 30-45 mins and it was because I finished her scrapbook!” she tweeted. “Which by the way she LOVED!!!! She wasn’t upset about us being late she was so excited about her scrapbook.”

For those who missed it, Tyler and Catelynn met with Carly and her adoptive parents, Brandon and Teresa Davis at the end of June. It was their first face-to-face in two years, and Carly was able to play with her sisters, Novalee, 4, and the then-4-month-old Vaeda. “Today is a very special day we get to see Carly and her parents Nova & Vaeda get to hang with their sister #blessed #adoption #sisters,” Catelynn tweeted.

As for their tardiness, Tyler and Catelynn could have been thirty minutes early, and someone on the Internet would have found a reason to complain. If there is one thing that Teen Mom fans apparently love to do is criticize those people on Teen Mom. Case in point – after a July episode included a scene where Novalee climbed on a kitchen counter to sit near her dad, fans blasted Tyler allowing her to do that.

“They didn’t show in this scene beforehand, where I told her I was only going to let her sit on the counter for a second until I got her chair that she usually sits on next to me when we make dinner together,” he tweeted in response. “She never climbed back onto it though. I’m am NOT a perfect parent!”

Similarly, Catelynn had to go on the defensive after she decided to stop breastfeeding Vaeda. “What you say doesn’t affect me because my Vaeda is happy, healthy, chunky, smiley, and best of all FED!” she said when clapping back at all the online criticism.

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