Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra Save Lives, Say Baby Carly’s Parents

Three years after the 'Teen Mom' stars placed daughter Carly up for adoption, she graced the cover of 'LifeLines' magazine with her parents Brandon and Teresa! Find out what they said about having their adoption play out in the spotlight. Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra's emotional and selfless decision in 2009 to place their daughter Carly up for adoption to new parents Brandon and Teresa Davis was documented on MTV's 16 & Pregnant, and their journey as birthparents in an open adoption continued through all four seasons of Teen Mom. 

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Teen Mom Spinoff

Before Catelynn and Tyler were even selected to be on MTV documentary series, they had already chosen Brandon and Teresa to be their baby’s adoptive parents.

So when Teen Mom became a huge success, Brandon and Theresa — and Carly’s open adoption — were thrown into the spotlight.

“In retrospect, we are glad that they were part of the show,” Brandon told LifeLines magazine, which is created by Bethany Christian Services, a non-profit adoption agency.

He and wife Teresa, along with Carly and baby boy Graham, whom they adopted in May, were featured on the magazine’s fall 2012 cover.

“Catelynn and Tyler have told their story, and it has changed lives,” he said. “We hope and pray that it has saved lives too. We are thankful that Catelynn and Tyler were a part of the show and that we are a small part, even if it saves one life.”

“It has been very hard that our adoption has been very public,” Teresa added. “We watch what our birthparents are going through on TV. It’s something I would expect birthparents to go through while dealing with their grief and loss, but it’s still hard to see and process it.”

That’s so sweet of them to say! And we agree — Catelynn and Tyler’s story is important, and we’re glad they have been able to share it with millions of viewers!

By the way, doesn’t Carly just look adorable on the cover? She is the spitting image of Catelynn — too cute!

What do YOU think of what Brandon and Teresa said HollyMoms?

— Christina Stiehl

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