Sofia Vergara Admits She Was Self-Conscious About Showing ‘Cellulite’ in ‘Griselda’ Sex Scene

The 'Griselda' star admitted she felt self-conscious about filming a steamy scene from her Netflix series.

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Sofia Vergara in Griselda
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Sofía Vergara‘s charm and wit might have fans convinced she’s always confident, but even the Modern Family alum, 51, has her moments of self-doubt. During a recent event in Los Angeles, the actress admitted that she felt self-conscious about filming a sex scene for her intense Netflix series, Griselda.

“I don’t think I’ve ever done, like, a sex scene. With Jay [in Modern Family], I didn’t do anything,” Sofía said during a Netflix FYSEE event in L.A. last weekend, per The Sun. “I was like, ‘Where are they shooting me? The cellulite? From the side. Uh, I’m vain I guess. That one kept me awake I think.”

Nevertheless, Sofía acknowledged the final cut “came out good.”

“It’s really dark, and Andy [Andrés Baiz], the director, is very artistic, and he made me feel super comfortable and he’s like, ‘We’re never going to stay, like, a long time on you [on camera],” she explained.

While approaching the character — who was inspired by the real-life “Cocaine Godmother” Griselda Blanco — the New Year’s Eve star wanted her “to look real,” which is why she wore a prosthetic nose, fake teeth and additional makeup for the transformation.

“And so it took me forever ,and I couldn’t find a way to do tests and this and that,” Sofía pointed out. ” I wanted her to look from that era [the 1970s]. But also she needed to be a [sexy]. She needed to have something because she had, like, three husbands. She could get the guys.”

Since it took hours to transform into Griselda, Sofía recalled having to remove all of her prosthetics and makeup.

“The first, like, three weeks, removing all that, it took one hour and something at night,” she said. “Imagine after 16 hours you have to sit there and remove all that. So, the makeup artist would do it. … The wig, I could not remove the nose or the eyebrows. The only thing that I could remove during the day was the teeth actually to eat, but I only had 45 minutes [for] lunch.”

Although the role was a physical and emotional sacrifice for the Emmy Award nominee noted that the experience on set “was amazing” and everyone was “super friendly” to work with,

“I had never really worked with Latin American actors and it was an experience for me,” Sofía said, adding that she “I would do it again.” However, there is only one thing she would not repeat: “I would not do the freaking prosthetics again,” she concluded.