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Kim Kardashian Reportedly ‘Doesn’t Care’ About Taylor Swift ‘TTPD’ Diss or Tom Brady Roast Booing

A source close to the SKIMS founder revealed that she's not paying any mind to negative attention after getting booed at the Tom Brady roast or Taylor Swift dropping "thanK you aIMee."

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Kim Kardashian isn’t letting some negative attention bog her down. A new report says that the reality star, 43, hasn’t let Taylor Swift’s song “thanK you aIMee” or getting booed at Tom Brady‘s roast get to her, according to Entertainment Tonight. An insider said that The Kardashians star remains just as confident as ever and is focusing on her own goals.

An insider close to Kim told the outlet that she isn’t paying much mind to either the diss track by Taylor, 34, or the negative crowd response at the roast for Tom, 46, bother her. “Kim isn’t letting Taylor’s song or the booing she experienced at Tom Brady’s roast affect her. She truly doesn’t care and is unbothered by both,” they told ET

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Since she’s no stranger to getting some backlash, the source admitted that she’s just keeping an eye on her work and staying positive going forward. They said that she’s not going to let either incident bother her. “She knows she is killing it, running her empire, and has true friends and family who love her. She has dealt with haters her whole life and is not giving either situation any weight,” they said.

The new report comes nearly a month after Taylor released the song “thanK you aIMee” as part of The Anthology edition of her latest album The Tortured Poets Department. Fans have speculated that the lyrics to the song were inspired by Kim, especially given the capitalization in the title. The source explained that Kim isn’t looking to make up with the singer-songwriter anytime soon. “Kim respects Taylor as an artist but doesn’t have a strong desire to settle their differences right now,” they said.

Kim made a surprise appearance at Netflix’s Greatest Roast of All-Time. Before she made a few jokes, referencing the rumors about dating Tom Brady, Kim was booed by the audience, but it subsided shortly after. The booing has since been edited out of the broadcast.