Ben Affleck Makes a Cameo in One of Jennifer Lopez’s ‘This Is Me…Now’ Songs

The "All I Have" singer's husband made a short appearance at the tail end of one of her romantic new tracks, where she raps about her love for Ben Affleck.

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Ben Affleck made a brief appearance on one of his wife Jennifer Lopez’s new songs from her album This Is Me… Now, which was released on Friday, February 16. The Academy Award winner, 51, could be heard very briefly at the end of the mid-album cut “not.going.anywhere.” It’s a very short appearance, but it sweetly shows just how much Ben adores J.Lo, 54.

Ben is credited in the liner notes for the background vocals on the love song. He’s most clear at the end of the track. He has some effects on his voice, but his part is a simple declaration of his feelings for his wife. “I love you. I always have,” he can be heard saying.

It’s very fitting that Ben makes an appearance at the end of the song, because it’s a love song that appears to be inspired by Ben. “Eternally yours, I don’t feel that fading/Looking at my man like, ‘That’s my baby,'” Jennifer sings on the chorus. “Thinking ’bout it now, I was hoping you’d save me.”

That’s not the only moment that J.Lo has sang about Ben on the new record. Her tune “Greatest Love Story Never Told” is also a love song, where she also sings about getting intimate with the Gone Girl star. “Greatest Love Story Never Told” is also the title of the new documentary about the making of This Is Me… Now, which is Jennifer’s first new album in a decade. The actor also makes an appearance in that, and he looks surprised when he sees that his wife let others see the love letters that he wrote to her, which served as inspiration for the album.

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Jennifer has also gushed about her hubby throughout the press cycle for the album. In a recent Today interview promoting the album, she was asked if she “gets jealous if someone hits on your significant other,” and she had a perfect response. “Don’t play with me,” she said. “First of all, I’m a lover not a fighter, but I would let them know, in a very elegant and ladylike way, to step all the way off.”