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RHOBH’s Annemarie Wiley Was ‘Warned’ That Crystal Kung Minkoff ‘Lies’ & ‘Flip Flops’ Before Their Fight (Exclusive)

Annemarie Wiley claims that Crystal Kung Minkoff started drama with her so that she could have 'a storyline' on this season of 'RHOBH.'

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Annemarie Wiley
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Annemarie Wiley and Crystal Kung Minkoff are at odds on the The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills — and the show’s newest cast member revealed in an exclusive interview with Hollywood Life that she actually got a heads up about Crystal before they really came to blows during filming.

“I really trusted her a lot more than I should have,” Annemarie, 40, said about Crystal, 40. “I was warned by several people about the kind of person she is — that she flip flops, that she lies, she fabricates things.”

“We all know, she [Crystal] needed to step it up this year,” Annemarie continued. “She needed something to talk about, so she made this up so that she could start drama with me, and then bingo — she’s got a storyline.”

When asked if the people who warned her about Crystal are on the show, or if they have no involvement with RHOBH, Annemarie coyly responded, “Maybe a little bit of both.”

Crystal Kung Minkoff
Kyle Richards and Crystal Kung Minkoff (Photo: Bravo)

Annemarie and Crystal clashed at Dorit Kemsley‘s Homeless Not Toothless gala over Annemarie questioning Sutton Stracke‘s esophagus problem. During the fight, Crystal claimed that Annemarie, who is a certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA), lied about her profession and introduced herself as a doctor when they met before filming season 13.

“It was so upsetting and appalling to me,” Annemarie said about Crystal’s accusation, “because we’re talking about my career here. And all of a sudden I feel like we’re in the assault on nurses. I’m just trying to understand what’s going on with Sutton, Crystal’s like, ‘Hmm, let me piggy back off of this and create this drama so I have something to talk about.’ We just had this full on assault on nurses and advanced practice nurses now.”

“When Crystal does this, she doesn’t understand how damaging and hurtful that actually is for nurses and advanced practice nurses because we are always advocating for what we do,” the mom-of-four added. “We are the people who are with the patient 12 hours a day. The degrees, the license, the credentials. Those are very hard things to obtain, and I feel like this narrative and this storyline of my profession constantly being attacked was terribly disrespectful.”

Annemarie Wiley
The cast of ‘RHOBH’ season 13 (Photo: Bravo)

Annemarie and Crystal’s drama continues during the group’s trip to Spain, which kicks off on the January 24 episode. But looking towards the reunion, which is set to film on Friday, January 26, Annemarie said she has “a lot of things” that she wants to sort out with the rest of the cast.

“Like I said, my rookie year — there were a lot of rookie mistakes,” she admitted. “I listened to a lot of things that I should not have listened to. I trusted a lot of people that I should not have trusted. There were a lot of things I should’ve said in the moment that I did not say. Again, now I know. I have a lot of things to clear up in the reunion.”

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