‘RHOBH’ Star Annemarie Wiley Breaks Down Her Esophagus Drama with Sutton Stracke (Exclusive)

Annemarie Wiley admitted that she's 'sick of hearing about' the drama over Sutton Stracke's esophagus in an exclusive interview.

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Annemarie Wiley
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Annemarie Wiley has not held back regarding her thoughts Sutton Stracke‘s “small esophagus” on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and now that she’s watching the situation back on television, she has a full explanation for her role in the drama.

“I honestly couldn’t care less about Sutton’s esophagus,” the 40-year-old nurse anesthesiologist said in an exclusive interview with Hollywood Life. “I’m a busy person. I don’t have time to be worried about Sutton’s esophagus.”

Annemarie, the latest edition to RHOBH, explained that she started asking questions about Sutton’s esophagus after Sutton’s big fight with Kyle Richards at the weed dinner party earlier in season 13.

“When Kyle had said that Sutton does not eat, she pushes her food around her plate, and she [Sutton] says it’s because she has a small esophagus I was just wondering, like, what does that mean?” Annemarie said.

Annemarie Wiley
Annemarie Wiley on ‘RHOBH’ (Photo: Bravo)

“But when I asked her [Sutton], she said, ‘No, why are you asking this,’ and she got mad, and then that’s why I start saying, what you’re saying doesn’t medically make sense, because you’re denying a reason for it,” the mother-of-four added. “That’s really it. I’m honestly trying to just understand what it is.”

Now that she’s seen how much drama ensued from her inquiries into Sutton’s esophagus, Annemarie admitted that she does have some regrets from the situation.

“Hindsight is 20/20, I should’ve never been talking about her esophagus,” she said. “Trust me, I am more sick of hearing about it than anybody else. I’m so over it. But you know, I’m a rookie. I’m coming in, there’s no handbook.”

Annemarie Wiley
Annemarie Wiley and Kyle Richards on ‘RHOBH’ (Photo: Bravo)

As for her relationship with Sutton, Annemarie explained that she got a bad taste in her mouth seeing Sutton question the state of Kyle’s marriage to Mauricio Umansky at the weed dinner party.

“It was really surprising to see somebody that claims to be friends with Kyle treat her that way,” she said. “Sutton is divorced too, so she knows the pain of having marital struggles. So I’m like, why is this person who is her supposed friend going so hard at her? And why does she care so much, right? She’s not coming in a loving way, she’s not coming in a supportive way, she’s really coming in an accusatory way.”

“But then I also see that Sutton doesn’t like to share her own personal information,” Annemarie continued. “If you ask her information about herself, then you kind of get her evil Jekyll & Hyde look and she scowls at you and she gets mad at you. Like why are you attacking Kyle when you don’t even want to talk about yourself? I felt really bad for Kyle.”

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