Scheana Shay Talks Postpartum OCD in Revealing New Interview

The 'Vanderpump Rules' star opened up about her mental health battle while on the red carpet for the Season 11 premiere of the reality series on January 17.

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Scheana Shay Opens Up About Postpartum OCD in Rare New Interview
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Scheana Shay, 38, attended the Season 11 premiere of Vanderpump Rules in Los Angeles on January 17 and was candid about her mental health battle while on the red carpet. During a new interview with PEOPLE, the Bravo personality revealed that she has been seeking treatment for postpartum OCD since the birth of her daughter, Summer Moon, 2. “I feel like, especially as a mom, postpartum OCD is something that’s not talked about,” Scheana explained.

Once the 38-year-old was diagnosed, she admitted that many things began to make “sense” to her. “It’s misdiagnosed. A lot of people don’t know what’s wrong with them,” she shared with the mag. “And so once I figured this out, I was like, ‘Oh my God. Now it makes sense.'” Scheana welcomed her baby girl with her husband, Brock Davies, in April 2021, about one year ahead of their nuptials.

Postpartum OCD often includes “obsessions and compulsions” regarding one’s child, per the International OCD Foundation. Many of the “obsessions” include worrying about the child’s safety. Since Scheana was diagnosed, she revealed how she is treating her health condition. “I’ve since had a brain scan,” the brunette beauty said. ”I’m on a whole brain and power supplement pack. And I feel like those have been really helping my intrusive thoughts and just overall how I’m feeling.”

Despite the treatment, Scheana admitted that it continues to be a daily “battle” for her. “But I mean, it is, you know, a battle every day in my brain,” she said. This is not the first time that Scheana has opened up about her health, as she previously mentioned the postpartum OCD during a July 2023 episode of her podcast, Scheananigans.

“I did finally make an appointment with my doctor last week to get on some sort of medication, because my anxiety, OCD, everything, I mean — it’s been bad since I had her,” she explained of how she felt after giving birth. The podcast host even noted that she had a “very traumatic labor,” when she welcomed Summer nearly three years ago. Scheana even admitted that it was a “really scary” experience to go through.

Aside from her health battle, Scheana recently dazzled on the red carpet at the Season 11 premiere of Vanderpump Rules. At the premiere party she rocked an off-shoulder silver sequined gown with a high-slit. Others at the premiere included Ariana MadixLisa VanderpumpLala Kent, and more. Fans of the series can tune into the premiere on January 30 via Bravo and streaming the next day on Peacock.